10 Questions You Must Ask Your Partner Before Having Sex With Them For The First Time

10 Questions You Must Ask Your Partner Before Having Sex With Them For The First Time

Sex is an important part of our lives and that’s why conversations about sex, sexuality and sexual health are extremely important. More so, if you’re sexually active. Since sex ed is not very popular in our society, we all need to do our bit of research before we have sex for the first time or with a new partner. While it’s not possible to plan ahead for sex, it’s important for us to know about our partner’s sexual health before doing the deed with them. This is why, apart from clarifying your intentions and preferences in the relationship, it’s also important to find out all about your partner’s sexual history, how they feel about sex, their sex drive, boundaries and limits. And mind you, this information is essential for you and your new partner’s mental, physical and sexual health. As awkward as this conversation might be, it’s important to build trust and communicate with your partner for a better sex life (even if you’re not dating).

1. “When Was The Last Time You Got Tested For STIs And HIV?”

Sexual health questions like these are important because you want to have an orgasm and not STIs or HIV.

2. “Have You Ever Tested Positive For An STI? If Yes, When Was This And How Were You Treated?

Knowing about your partner’s sexual health history allows you to stay safe and know that your partner is safe from any kind of infections and diseases.

3. “Are You Currently Sexually Involved With Anyone Else? Are We Going To An Exclusive Sexual Relationship?”

You don’t want to jump into bed only to find out that there has been a miscommunication about your relationship status or that this person has also been sleeping with someone else.

4. “How Important Is It For You To Have An Orgasm?”

Sometimes there’s more to sex than just orgasm. Some people like to focus more on pleasure and not put unnecessary pressure on their partner to get them to orgasm. More so, because this pressure can often take away the pleasure from sex. This is why it is important to be on the same page when it comes to orgasms.

5. “What Do You Expect From Me In Bed?”

Apart from clarifying your needs in bed, it’s essential to find out what your partner expects from you before, during and after sex. You don’t want to get sexually involved with someone only to find out that you cannot give them what they expect.

6. “What Is Your Take On Safe Sex?”

This, because you want an orgasm and not a baby!

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7. “Is There Anything That You Don’t Like In Bed?”

Knowing your partner’s boundaries and limits will allow you to navigate your sex life together smoothly.

8. “What Turns You Off And What Turns You On?

Find out what your partner likes and dislikes in bed so it doesn’t take you too long to turn them on (or off).

9. “Do You Have Any Triggers In Bed?”

It’s not uncommon for people with a bad past or history of sexual abuse to have triggers in bed. This is why it’s best to know your partner’s triggers beforehand.

10. “How Much Detail About Our Sex Life Are You Comfortable With Me Talking About With Other People?”

Because you do not want your partner to feel uncomfortable upon finding out that you’ve been discussing the naughty details of your sex life with your BFF!

Apart from all this, remember to ask and answer questions honestly and be non-judgemental when your partner shares their answers.

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