4 Ways Lack Of Sex Can Impact A Relationship. Here’s What To Do About It

4 Ways Lack Of Sex Can Impact A Relationship. Here’s What To Do About It

There’s a checklist of things that are essential for every relationship. Love and relationships are complex and require a lot of work. Having a relationship is like having a plant that needs to be watered regularly and kept in the sun for it to grow in the right direction. One little mistake and it doesn’t take too long for a plant or a relationship to rot. And just like emotional availability, sexual and physical availability is also an essential part of relationships. Lack of sex can take a toll on a relationship and lead to larger issues. Here’s how lack of sex can impact relationships.

1. Self-Esteem Takes A Hit

Lack of sex can take a toll on you or your partner’s self-confidence and self-esteem. It can make you feel conscious about yourself and make you feel like you’re not good enough. This can eventually impact your personal as well as professional life and your relationship with those around you. The best way to deal with this issue is to take initiative to cuddle or hug your partner. Try to help your partner by getting them to open up and find a solution together by seeing a therapist or going for couples therapy.

2. Stress And Fights Increase

Lack of sex can often lead to emotional unavailability and sexual frustration in relationships. Your frustration can take other forms and come out in the form of stress and fights. And it can do irreparable harm to your relationships. If your partner is frustrated and withdrawing due to stress, it’s best to give them some space and talk to them when they’re feeling better. Try to amp up your conversation with them without using an accusatory tone. Always remember that it is you and your partner against the problem and not you against your partner or anything like that.

3. Miscommunication

Miscommunication and misunderstandings increase in relationships due to lack of sex and increasing stress and friction. If you or your partner is upset with the other one, the communication reduces leading to more stress and miscommunication in the relationship. The best way to deal with this problem is to try to communicate with your partner without fighting or arguing. There could be an underlying issue or trauma which is behind the problem causing differences between you two.

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4. Loss Of Libido

Lack of intimacy and sex can often lead to a lack of sex in relationships. The feelings of dissatisfaction, stress and low self-esteem caused by lack of sex and intimacy can often lead to loss of libido and make it difficult for a person to indulge in sexual intercourse and even make one question their relationship.

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