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If You Thought Ghosting Is Bad, Meet Soft Ghosting!

February 02, 2023 | by Janvi Manchanda

Dating in the digital era is extremely tough, especially with all the dating apps and the toxic dating trends that leave one reeling with pain and heartbreak. And one such dating trend is ghosting, you know the one where someone you’re romantically involved with or are talking to suddenly pulls a disappearing act on you. If you think ghosting is bad, we’re here to introduce you to soft ghosting. Soft ghosting will make you thank every person who ever ghosted you because this dating trend is all about stringing someone along in the worst possible manner.

What Is Soft Ghosting?

This dating trend that is dominating the virtual dating world right now refers to someone who, instead of replying, simply likes your comment on their post or your last text. Basically, they continue the conversation and string you along without actually responding to you but instead by “liking” your reply which is a reply in itself but not an actual response. Someone who is soft ghosting you might also respond to you by sending you a gif or an emoji or a simple “hmm” thereby leaving you extremely confused. Some people indulging in soft ghosting may even leave your texts on read but like your Instagram stories or react to them which in turn messes with your mind.

Why Does It Happen?

Essentially, soft ghosting is something that people do when they don’t want to completely ghost you or because they feel bad about cutting off all communication with you. People often choose to ghost someone when they don’t want to continue communicating with you but they also don’t have the maturity or respect to say it out loud. Often people choose soft ghosting because they’ve had a bad experience in the past when they ghosted someone. Either way, soft ghosting is another toxic dating trend that is unacceptable.

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How To Tell When Someone Is Soft Ghosting You?

In the world of Hustle culture, it’s tough to tell when someone is ghosting you or soft ghosting you or simply busy. But soft ghosting usually starts slow. They may suddenly start taking longer to reply and then slowly start fading away. Eventually, it’ll end with them replying to you by liking your text or sending emojis. Ghosters usually do not initiate conversations or make any plans to meet you. The best way to find out if someone is soft ghosting you is to ask them a question that requires them to give you a direct answer. If they don’t respond then you already have an answer but if they reply but the conversation doesn’t flow and seems half-hearted then it falls back into the same old pattern chances are that they are soft ghosting you. However, if they respond and the conversation flows then, they’re not ghosting or soft ghosting you.

Why Is Soft Ghosting Worse Than Actual Ghosting?

In simple words, when someone is ghosting you, they simply leave you on read for forever and that’s that. It puts an end to that channel of communication which means that you know where you stand in life even if it hurts! But soft ghosting is much worse because the ghoster actually strings you along by giving you mixed signals.

How To Deal With Soft Ghosting?

If your suspicions are confirmed and you find that someone is soft ghosting you, understand that you have to take steps to put a stop to it and protect yourself. Here are some things that you can do to deal with this toxic dating trend.

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– To begin with, don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault if someone doesn’t feel the same way about you. It does not make you a lesser person.

– Value yourself and call a spade a spade. They’re soft ghosting you and it has nothing to do with you. You need to set some boundaries and understand that you deserve a lot more and that what they’re giving you is not even the bare minimum. Not only do you deserve respect but you must demand respect by drawing a line.

– Feel free to call them out. If they cannot be mature enough to say it out aloud and cut off all contact, don’t shy away from calling them out for soft ghosting you.

– Don’t get hung up on them. You deserve a lot more and you need to stop allowing them to string you along because they genuinely don’t care. It is time for you to move on and invest your time and emotions in someone who actually cares and treats you well.

– Stop making excuses for them. No one is so busy that they read a text and forgot to reply. Sure, they might be busy to miss a few texts but no one is busy for days at end.

– If they say they were busy or caught up with something, give them a chance but don’t waste your time by constantly giving them chances. A third or fourth strike should be enough for you to know where they stand. Take the hint and walk away.

Always remember that you matter the most. So, save yourself the trouble and keep away from ghosters and soft ghosters!

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