What To Do If You Get Invited To Your Ex’s Wedding? 6 Tips To Handle It With Grace!

Not your cue to be dramatic honestly!
What To Do If You Get Invited To Your Ex’s Wedding? 6 Tips To Handle It With Grace!

1. Channel your Inner Detective 

Don’t be too quick to accept or reject the invite. Ponder and reflect on a few things. Take a moment to assess why your ex might have invited you. Is it a gesture of goodwill? A sign they value the friendship post-break? Or perhaps, there’s a hidden agenda behind this invitation (cue dramatic music). I would also suggest reflecting on how they invited you. Did he call, or was it just an e-invite? The mode in which they invite says a lot about their inclination toward actually seeing you on their D-Day. 

2. Consult Your Crew

You might have gone through your six stages of grief, but there is a possibility of underlying feelings for your ex sneaking up. Bring this decision to your inner circle of friends. They’re like your personal board of directors for life’s soap opera moments. Getting an outside perspective can help you see things you might be too emotionally involved to notice. Plus they’ll be brutally honest about whether your potential attendance is a plot twist worth pursuing or a storyline best left unresolved. After all, you don’t want to be roaming around like Aditya from Jab We Met with your ex’s picture in your wallet.


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3. Always Bring A Date

Take it from me; you don’t want to go alone. I went to my ex’s wedding, and all eyes were on me, and anxiety was eating away at me. I ended up calling my best friend. Learn from my mistakes and always bring a plus-one who’s not just a date but a bonafide ally- someone who knows your history and how to dance around it. They can provide emotional support, comic relief, and, most importantly, a reason to duck out for “fresh air” when needed.

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4. Keep An Escape Plan Polished And Ready

Going to an ex’s wedding is a tricky business where things can take a turn pretty quickly. Even with the best of intentions. Have an exit strategy polished to perfection. Whether it’s a code word with your date or a predetermined “emergency” call, knowing you have an out can provide immense peace of mind.

Ex's wedding

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5. Dress Your Best At Your Ex’s Wedding

 Selecting your outfit is more than just aesthetics; it’s about armouring yourself in confidence. Choosing something that makes you undeniably fabulous is the best choice you can make before going to your ex’s wedding. This isn’t about sparking jealousy or making a statement-it’s about celebrating your individuality and strength.

6. The Art Of Small Talk

It is your ex’s wedding; you will have to talk to him and his partner as well. Keep the conversation as light as champagne bubbles. Now’s not the time to unravel past grievances or dissect your relationship autopsy. Stick to pleasantries and then gracefully float to the next conversation like the social butterfly you are.

Well, now that you are armoured with tips and tricks to attend your ex’s wedding, there is only one thing left to do, enjoy! There’s nothing better than free food, free drinks, and being free. 

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