On Women’s Day, Zerodha Co-Founder Nithin Kamath Shares Wife Seema Patil’s Breast Cancer Journey

On the occasion of Women’s Day, our allies of all genders are sharing with us some lovely wishes and doing their bit to make us women feel special. In line with this special day, the co-founder of the stock brokerage firm Zerodha, Nithin Kamath took a moment to wish his wife Seema Patil. The woman who is the Chief of Quality at Zerodha and is known to be one of the prominent faces of Indian women in business was diagnosed with Cancer in November 2021. Sharing her story, Nithin Kamath shared that wifey Seema Patil was diagnosed with breast cancer and despite being a health-conscious person while wishing her a happy women’s day. He also shared a link to a blog post by his wife detailing her breast cancer journey.

Take a look at Nithin Kamath’s Women’s Day post.

In her blog, Seema Patil shared that she was one of the healthiest and fittest people yet she was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2021. She revealed that she has stage 2 cancer and it isn’t more than 2 years old. She went on to share that the months after her diagnosis have been an ’emotional roller coaster’ while revealing that she was in shock after she found out. She added that she kept mum about her cancer diagnosis and only opened up with her close friends and family while sharing that much like mental illness, cancer is also a taboo in our country.


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Revealing how she was diagnosed with breast cancer, the Zerodha Chief of Quality, Seema Patil shared that she has been getting regular full-body health check-ups for years and it was during one of the check-ups she was diagnosed. She shared that she had no symptoms so she met with an oncologist who ran further tests and confirmed the diagnosis. She also took the opportunity to stress the importance of regular health check-ups.

Seema Patil also opened up about her surgery, post-surgery recovery as well as chemotherapy while thanking her friends and family for standing by her through thick and thin. Check out her entire blog post here.

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TBH, we laud this woman for her strength and for sharing her story with us on this day. We wish her all the luck, love and blessing in the world for better health.

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