Women Inmates To Make Sanitary Napkins In Jail!

Women Inmates To Make Sanitary Napkins In Jail!

Women in Sabarmati jail have been given renewed hope of earning an income with a new initiative that will set them up with work. Something that should hold them in good stead beyond the years spent in prison. The program, set up by Karma Foundation, an NGO, is offering women in Sabarmati Jail, the largest jail in Gujarat, an opportunity to make sanitary napkins.

A manufacturing unit has been set up in the women’s barrack on the premises. Right now, one unit is ready that will employ 12 women. The initiative was formally launched on 11th May, 2018. Initially, the women will be making a few hundred pads. The actual capacity is to make 4,000 pads per day. These sanitary napkins will be provided free of cost to the inmates.

The Navjivan Trust, an organisation founded by Mahatma Gandhi, acted as a bridge between the NGO, Karma Foundation, and the jail authorities in shaping up this innovative project of providing some meaningful work to the women inmates.

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