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Woman Committed Suicide After Husband Forced Her To Have Nude Video Calls With Other Men.

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Intimate partner violence is so common, it is disheartening to see that. We think the people who could harm us would be strangers. Our parents ask us to be wary of them ever since our childhood. But often, women are abused by their own partners. Every day, there is news of someone being burnt, beaten and sexually assaulted by their own husbands. Why? How do we get married, go to someone’s house without feeling scared? Recently, a woman committed suicide because her husband used to sexually harass her.

The Uttarakhand High Court denied this man a bail. He has been booked for abetting his wife’s suicide by forcing her to have nude video calls and sex chat with other men.

The authorities have a recorded conversation between the wife and the husband which reveals that something very horrible was going on. The conversation shows that the wife was being abused, however, it was her sister that revealed he was making her do nude video calls to other men.

According to the FIR, the husband was a drug addict who would abuse his wife and beat her up when intoxicated. He also forced her to do sexual things for other men online. He apparently would show his wife’s nude body to other men.

The deceased woman has left him before and returned to her house. However, he would always apologise and get her back. And then continue to sexually exploit her.

It seems like he was using her as a commodity to make money that he would spend on substance abuse. Unable to take it further, the woman committed suicide 14th February, 2021.

The Uttarakhand HC denied him a bail by sympathising with the deceased woman saying what a terrible state of mind the man put her in, that she was forced to commit suicide.

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This is so scary. A woman marries with so much faith and hopes and then she is met with abuse and violence. It is deeply disturbing and saddening. She didn’t deserve to die. I hope she had filed a police complaint against him and she would have lived.

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