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Woman Books Entire Air India Business Class Cabin To Travel With Pet Dog. We’re Low-key Jealous!

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NGL, every time I see the kind of luxurious treatment pets receive, a teeny tiny part of me wishes I were a pet dog too. Can you blame me? The doggo gets food on schedule, is pampered and cuddled, gets groomed from time to time, and even gets taken for holidays and so much more. Why wouldn’t anyone want to be a pet dog then? And I have even seen pet lovers going to extreme levels to ensure that their pets are comfortable, even if it means booking an entire business class cabin on a flight. What? Don’t believe me? Well, let me present to you a woman who booked an entire Air India business class cabin only so she could travel with her pet dog. That is one lucky, pampered dog, just saying!

Recently, a woman who was traveling to Chennai from Mumbai with her Maltese, named Bella, booked the entire Air India business class cabin for her dog to travel in. Even though the airlines did not share any more details about the incident, they did affirm the incident.

Image source: Twitter

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The Air India aircraft was an Airbus A321 that had 12 business class seats and as per the airline’s policy, only two pets per domestic flight are allowed. And the cost of one business class ticket from Mumbai to Chennai is around Rs. 20,000. This means that the woman spent around Rs. 2 lakhs to travel with her pet dog in business class! WHAT?!

According to India Today, the story has gone viral. And as for the netizens, they are still digesting such a bizarre incident.

Honestly, I’m too trying to digest this incident. I understand the love for one’s pet and that you want whatever’s best for them. But spending Rs. 2 lakhs to fly from Mumbai to Chennai in the business class cabin of Air India is a bit too much, isn’t it? Well, each to its own. I’m just thinking what an amazing experience Bella the Maltese must have had, having the whole business class to herself. Truth be told, it’s this dog that’s truly living her life!

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