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Video Of Two Puppies Praying With Their Human Before Eating Their Food Goes Viral. It’s So Cute

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I have tried to teach my dog Oster a lot of things and he has successfully managed to learn only a few things, the list is so short, you could probably count it on one hand.  And by that I mean there is not much he responds to as one command written on a piece of paper (that chances are, he has already chewed on) that reads “sit”. That too, only if you have a treat in your hand. And while this may not the best endorsement for labradors, for they are known to be lazy, we have found two doggos who will make you think otherwise.

Emerging as two ‘good bois’, these two labrador puppies have gone viral on the internet after a video of them praying with their human before they begin to eat their food surfaced online. Netizens have seemed to go gaga over these two pups, and quite understandably so.

A video that was posted by the Twitter user Vaishali Mathur, shows her friend sitting down on the floor along with two super cute and obedient pups, who are patiently waiting while their mother chants and recites prayers to god. Teaching them the good values of thanking god before they eat their meals, the 30 second long video is making everyone go awww.

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Vaishali writes in her caption, “Sharing this heartwarming video of my friend teaching her pups to say their prayers before food. Me thinks both are good boys,” as the mother sits with her hands folded and the puppies eagerly wait for their mother’s command to let them engorge.

The video has already received more than 43 thousand views, more than 2 thousand likes and several heartfelt comments from users. One user wrote, “Nurturing capacity with tender love care of women / mothers can teach anything to pups to beasts /dinosaurs/dragons !!” while another one commented, “That is so cute. They are so well trained to wait.” Some mothers (including my own) might \say they are better trained than their human babies, and we wouldn’t disagree!

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