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These Dog Parents Dressed Their Pug In Groom Clothes In An Attempt To Get Him Married. This Is The Cutest Thing On Internet Today!

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2020 won’t just go down in history for bringing the dreaded coronavirus to our lives, but also for showing us everything we didn’t think was possible. And by everything I mean, everything! From teaching us life lessons, to having us witness the wrath of natural disasters, from showing the most meaningful content to taking us down in a spiral of the most weirdest trends, I believed that I had seen everything. That was of course up until I came across the most unlikely of pictures on the internet, one where a pug can be seen dressed as a South Indian groom.

And nope, we’re not making it up.

Joining the tribe of wanting to tie the knot during the pandemic, this handsome pug that was captured in a Malayali outfit looking like a hoot and stealing a couple hundred “awws” from our mouths. Dressed in what is called the “Kalli Mundu”, with a pink shirt paired with an off white lungi, the pug is all set to log on to matrimonial websites.

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The parents of the doggo have shared the wholesome pictures on Facebook and shared how they’re looking for a well-behaved and paw-some bride for their Malayali boy. *Important in-fur-mation alert*

Now going viral on the internet, for reasons that are too cute to handle, a twitter user shared the post with a caption that read, “Tbh only reason I’m still on Facebook is for Indian dog parents groups! So EXTRA. Never disappoints.” And, boy do we agree.

Several people are commenting on the thread and calling it the best tweet ever, while we are still drooling over how cute and handsome the pug looks in the pictures. We won’t be surprised if there would also be a bark-beque at the hunk’s wedding! In case you have someone in mind, feel free to reach out to the parents, because clearly, anything is paw-ssible here!

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