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UP Assembly Announces One Day For Women MLAs To Speak About The Issues Of Women. Is One Day Even Enough?

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Women make up almost half the population in India and talking about the issues faced by us, well it is clearly on a surge. However, we are still not being treated as equals on many levels. Recently, the news of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly reserving one day for women MLAs to start women-centric discussions is making headlines. This might seem like a milestone for the women, however looking at this news from another perspective, it is just a sad reality. 

During the all-party and business advisory meeting on Sunday, it was decided that September 22 will be set aside just for female MLAs to speak on issues related to women. This decision was taken after many MLAs brought up the problem to the speaker of not being able to speak forthrightly in the presence of other male members in the assembly. The speaker of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, Satish Mahana held pride in making this announcement as it was a never seen decision, as per sources. Many MLAs have welcomed this step and consider it a great opportunity for them to speak without any interruptions. 

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The decision definitely will be an excellent opportunity, however, this just does not feel like a reasonable solution to the actual problem. It is sad to see female representatives in politics still struggling to have their voices heard on par with their men counterparts. Women in India are not a minority community but the solutions to our problem make us feel this way. The main problem highlighted by the women MLAs was that they do not feel comfortable talking in a male-dominated parliamentary session. Firstly, this is ridiculous that being our representatives they lack the courage to speak in front of the male members, I mean that’s their job, however, allowing them a day to do is in no way justified either.  Women in politics are still underrepresented which is another sad reality of our country. Giving us a compartment in a train, two-three seats in a bus, or a day in the parliament to “speak” is not justice or equal treatment.

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What do you think of this decision?

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