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Twitter User Details Her Experience Trying To Rent Apartments In India As A Single Woman

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As a woman who has been looking to move out for almost a decade, I have heard a lot of “opposition” from the people around me regarding this very ‘selfish’ wish of mine. And as I am an only child, you can imagine all the ways the people around me have tried to shame me into wanting to stay with my parents. I have had people shame me into staying home to “support” my ageing parents to tell me about all the dangers of living by yourself as a woman as if I don’t know them already. However, regardless of all these “warnings” I still plan to move out for reasons I choose not to disclose. But I cannot even imagine how hard it is for the women already living by themselves to “justify” why they want to live away from their families and get people to rent apartments to them.
So when Twitter user Karnika Kohli tweeted about her experience with house hunting and all the absurd things she has heard landlords say, I could not help but talk about it. So let’s check out what are the pains and perils of being a single woman in India wanting to live by herself,

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While these tweets are genuinely funny and the gifs made me laugh, it is a shame that a woman wanting to stay independently is scrutinized so much. If a woman chooses to stay alone, I don’t think she needs to explain it to anyone but herself.

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