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In An Act Of Self-Defense, Woman Kills Man To Save Herself From Rape. Police Set Her Free

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When the times get tough, you need to get tougher. And with the rape cases increasing in the country a woman is left with no choice but to fight back. Sure, we should do better and help women out but that’s not happening, so woman are learning to defend themselves.  Because clearly consent as a concept is still lost on most men in the country. So, is it really wrong if a woman takes a drastic step to avoid getting raped, though it is never the victim’s fault? Honestly, I think not. In fact, according to me, the act of protecting herself from rape is self-defense. And I’m not the only one who believes that.

Recently, in Tamil Nadu, a 21-year-old woman pushed a 40-year-old man to his death when he tried to sexually assault her. The woman was booked under Section 100 ( right of private defense of the body extends to causing death) of IPC. The police later released her without any charges.

Initially, when the police found the unidentified man’s body near a fish farm, they filed a case on the basis of a suspicious death that falls under Section 174 of the CrPC. After which they started investigating the case. During the investigation, they found out that the woman was working on the farm when the man came in. He gagged and dragged her to a quieter place and then tried to rape her.

And the woman, who is a mother of two, tried to escape and protect herself. And in the process, she pushed him to the ground where he hit a stone and fell unconscious. The woman then dragged him out of the farm and left him by the road. When you read it, you think self-defense immediately. 

The woman after escaping a near-rape situation, went to her husband who also was working on the farm, and told him about the entire incident. He and the other workers of the farm rushed to where the woman had dumped the man and saw villagers already gathered around.

Soon enough the police were given information about the body and a team led by Vadivel Murugan reached the spot to investigate. Even the paramedics had reached the spot by then, on examining the body they declared that he had died. And since it was the case of a suspicious death, the body was sent to autopsy. And the police spoke to people around and came to know about the near-rape incident with the woman.

After taking the details about the near-rape incident, the police spoke to other farmworkers and villagers around. They then concluded that it was an act of self-defense and let the woman go charge-free. The SP Varun Kumar of Tiruvallur stated that “After ascertaining the genuineness of the case, the woman was booked under Section 100 of the IPC and allowed to go free.”


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