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This Young Female Entreprenuer Is Feeding Thousands Of People In Need By Building A Network Of Chefs And Restaurants. Much Respect To Her

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COVID-19 has affected so many people across the globe and not just those who got infected. I am not even talking about how the pandemic has overburdened our healthcare system. I am not even talking about how we are confined to our homes and even stepping out makes us feel scared. While I am here complaining about not being able to go out and grab a cup of overpriced coffee, there are people who aren’t even able to afford basic necessities. Small businesses aren’t able to afford the rent and are shutting down until this passes. A friend had rented out his commercial space to a salon and just recently they shut everything down. My favourite café, which has been my place of solace and calm is shutting down too – at least until things become normal.

Then again, this too sounds like first world problems to those at the very bottom of the pyramid. These are the people who have lost their jobs and have no source of income – their savings are drying up and the cash flow has stopped. People who are disabled have no access to domestic help and probably can’t even afford one right one. For them, even getting through is difficult.

But there are people like Natalie Bin Narkprasert who are able to find ways to help them out. She’s an entrepreneur whose business is primarily in Paris but is now stuck in Thailand thanks to travel restrictions. She has built a strong network of volunteers who are helping her group COVID Thailand Aid to reach more than 30, 000 people in the country. The group that sends groceries, cooked food and essential medicines has people volunteering unselfishly for the cause, including a few Michelin-starred chefs. For the uninitiated, these are the chefs that have been bestowed stars for their excellent culinary skills and it is indeed an honour to have those.

To see these people doing something so passionately without seeking any monetary benefits is so heart-warming. Natalie is just a 28-year-old philanthropic woman who is out there even helping distribute the meals in the scorching summer heat.

Natalie’s flight to Paris got cancelled and she had been worrying about her grandmother. “She’s 94 years old, and then I really worried about her during COVID, like how is she going to cope and do things, so I just thought about all the people who are struggling during this time who might not even have a family or a home,” Wio News quoted her.

What she started on a small scale, and now with all the individual effort put in, it has expanded. Several restaurants are participating in the food donation drive and many are offering their kitchen to be used for preparing meals.

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Meanwhile, Natalie is using her entrepreneurial expertise to source products and organise transport. She is also tracking demand and streamlining volunteers with different skills. And although she hasn’t met her husband for months now, she feels going back may not be easy. She said she will have “a really hard time to go back to it just because I still have this goal of helping more people.” She further added how she wants to help people. “I can always make money later, but I just want to keep helping people for now and then we will see how it goes,” she said.

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