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This Woman From Mysuru Murdered Her Husband By Squeezing His Testicles And Them Smothering Him With A Pillow

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I grew up on an unhealthy dose of CID and Crime Patrol. There would be numerous episodes that featured a woman who murdered her husband with the help of her lover. It’s a great plot but who knew that actually happens so often? It’s almost as if people haven’t heard of a little something called divorce. But love is a powerful motive. Recently, a gruesome case came to light from Mysuru. A woman and her lover murdered her husband after mutilating his private parts. This incident is just disgusting and tragic.

A woman, Uma, in Mysuru conspired with her lover to murder her husband, HT Venkataraju. Around nine months ago, they, allegedly, first sedated him, mutilated his testicles and then smothered him to death. HT Venkataraju was found dead on 9 October 2020. Initially, Uma spun tales about her husband collapsing after complaining about a headache. But the investigation led the police in a completely different direction.

Uma and HT Venkataraju got married around a decade ago and have two children together. Around four years ago, Uma befriended a man named Avinash. She separated from her husband after meeting him. Reportedly, on the day of the alleged murder, Uma asked HT Venkataraju to meet her at her grandmother’s house in Bannur. When he reached there, she offered him coffee laced with sedatives. Once he passed out, Uma instructed Avinash to squeeze HT Venkataraju’s testicles. And then she smothered him to death with a pillow.

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After a complaint from HT Venkataraju’s brother, the police started their probe. They initially filed a report for accidental death after Uma insisted that he collapsed after getting a headache. However, the post mortem had a completely different story. It said that HT Venkataraju died of an injury to his scrotum. Following this report, the police questioned Uma and later arrested her and Avinash.

I wonder what Uma’s motive was and why she felt the need to use such unnecessarily violent means. When are people going to learn that murder is never the solution to anything? We hope Uma and Avinash’s punishment fits their chilling crime.

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