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Woman Murdered In Delhi By Landlord’s Son For Refusing His Sexual Advances

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At this moment, the entire country is gripped in the clutches of the second pandemic wave. Unless you’ve lived under a rock for that last year and a half, you know that the coronavirus has raised hell on earth and it is showing no signs of slowing down. However, it’s not the only pandemic going around. The increasing violence against women is a shadow pandemic that no one seems to be recognizing despite continuous cries for help. Why do we have to bear the brunt of a man’s bruised ego? That is the reason for so many of the crimes occurring against women. Most recently, a woman, in Delhi, was murdered by a man for refusing his sexual advances. It’s time women get the protection they so desperately need.

On Saturday, a 25-year-old woman was allegedly murdered by her landlord’s son at her rented apartment in outer Delhi. According to reports, the reason behind this gruesome murder is that she refused to give in to the man’s sexual advances. You see, the woman, her husband and her 7-month-old daughter had moved into the building merely four months ago. The victim’s husband works at a printing unit and due to travelling restrictions was staying at his workplace for the time being. The accused thought he could take advantage o this fact and started making advances. He slit the woman’s throat when she refused to give in to his whim. The details are chilling.

Deputy commissioner of police (outer) Parminder Singh said, “The 29-year-old son of the building owner noticed the absence of the woman’s husband. His friends left after dinner around midnight. He was the last to leave the terrace.”

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The DCP added that the accused was drunk at the time of the incident. When he was walking down to his house from the terrace, he noticed the woman’s door was open and she was sleeping next to her daughter. The DCP said, “He sought to establish physical relations with the woman who threatened to report him to police. The suspect then picked up a kitchen knife and slit her throat. Around 11.30 am on Saturday, the woman’s young nieces found the door ajar. They walked in to find the woman dead and the baby crying.”

During the investigation, the accused tried to blame his friends who had come over for dinner. But eventually, he confessed to murdering the woman.

Why aren’t brutal crimes like this one not getting the coverage they need? Have people become so desensitized to the plight of women? We need women’s safety, that’s the bottom line. We need to teach boys and men that women reserve the right to say no. Why is it so difficult for men to deal with rejection? Is their pride more important than someone’s life?

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