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This Viral Video Showing A Little Girl And Her Dog Playing Hide And Seek Is Pawdorable!

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The thing about quarantine is that it’s made us look for more creative ways to keep ourselves entertained. Considering we can’t go out and meet other people as much as we used to, developing hobbies or playing games in the house has become our primary source of fun. While others were painting or cooking, I was too busy watching one show after another. But this story isn’t about how I spent my time in lockdown. It’s about this little girl whose video is going viral. In it, she is playing hide and seek with her pet dog. It’s probably one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever seen. The video is just paww-dorable (get it, get it?)

Over the last few months, I have gotten addicted to watching cat and dog videos. But this one just tugged at all the right heartstrings. In it, a little girl keeps herself entertained by playing hide and seek with her dog. She tells her dog that they will now play the game and the dog quickly turns around and faces the wall giving the girl ample time to hide. It almost seems like the dog is counting. I just can’t get over how well-trained this dog is.

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This video was shared by a Twitter page called Buitengebieden. It was captioned, “Dog playing hide and seek”. The video has garnered over 125K views, 8000 likes and over a thousand retweets and comments. I guess everyone is intrigued by this adorable Belgian shepherd dog. I think the cutest part of the video is when the dog tries to peek for a few seconds when the girl goes to hide. Although, I don’t understand why a dog would need to peek. After all, they have heightened senses. But that’s not important right now. The video’s cuteness overpowers all technicalities.

This video is the perfect antidote to Monday Blues.

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