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This Village In Madhya Pradesh Has No Corona Cases During The Second Wave, All Thanks To Its Women!

April 28, 2021 | by Sadhika Sehgal

Around this time last year, coronavirus was still spreading its wings across the world. Infecting one city after another, country after country, the virus was in the process of picking up its pace and leaving no place on the face of this Earth unaffected. However, during the second wave things are different for the virus has been been among us for a year now. And perhaps, that is the reason why literally every part of the country at present is seriously and dangerously affected by covid, dealing with its repercussions. Except for one small village near Betul in Madhya Pradesh. This village is completely corona free, thanks to its women!

A startling and impressive fact that has come to the fore only recently, the small village of Chikhalar near Betul in Madhya Pradesh is one of the very few villages that has managed to keep itself safe from the lethal clutches of coronavirus.

Otherwise known for its infamous reputation of dealing in and supplying liquor, the village has now made a monumental shift in its popularity by coming in the spotlight for being corona-free. And the credit for this feat goes only to the women of this village, who took it upon themselves to do their bit and how.

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Ensuring a complete lockdown in the village as soon as things took a turn with the second wave, women of this village donned their masks and armed themselves with sticks to guard every entry and exit of the village, cutting off all transport. Sealing the entry away for any outsiders, the women were captured with bamboo sticks in their hands, unafraid to use them if the time came.

Not only this, the women of this village also took it upon themselves to patrol the streets and force everyone into their homes during this much needed lockdown. As per their views, the women took such drastic steps to save their people from the deadly virus and by the looks of it, their efforts have paid off.

The people of the village, respecting the women and how they’ve been strictly monitoring movement, also try to stay compliant with the covid restrictions. With the responsibility of going outside to get essentials being passed to two youths, rest of the villagers stay put to minimise chances of contracting covid.

Not even a single case has been recorded in the village, giving us all the more reason to take inspiration from these women. Seems like there is nothing that women cannot achieve if they set their minds to it. We are proud of them!

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Sadhika Sehgal

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