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This Tokyo-Based Firm Is Offering Temporary Housing To Stressed-Out Couples, Mothers And Victims Of Domestic Violence. It’s A Great Idea

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India has been under lockdown for nearly a month now and things have started to heat up. Both inside our homes and outside. We have around 13,000 coronavirus cases and now I am seriously freaking out because this deadly virus is showing no signs of disappearing quietly into the night. There is no way it’s going down without a fight and a very nasty one at that.

Even though we are all staying safe and sound locked away in our houses, it hasn’t been easy. I haven’t fought with my parents this much for a long time (probably because I haven’t spent this time in the house in a long time). Families and marriages are bearing the brunt of this lockdown. But all that being said my heart goes out to all those people whose worst nightmare has come true in the form of this lockdown.

To help all those people find an escape and to avoid “coronavirus divorce” (yes, that is a thing now), a Japanese short-term rental firm is marketing its empty apartments as a way for stressed-out couples to get some time away from each other.

Okay, you have to love the Japanese. They come up with the simplest yet most brilliant ideas and solutions to problems. Ever since this lockdown was implemented, China and Russia both recorded a major hike in divorce rates. To prevent that from happening, Tokyo-based Kasoku is offering temporary housing for couples who want to live apart or even mothers who are tired of having to take care of the family all the time now.

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They said, “Please consult with us before thinking about ‘coronavirus divorce.” These houses are AirBnB-like furnished apartments that will come in great use to people who just want some peace and quiet

Kasoku is offering these apartments at just ¥4,400 (Rs 3,114.74). The spokesperson for the company Kosuke Amano has confirmed that they had 20 clients who have availed these services since they began the campaign on 3rd April. This service also includes a free 30-minute divorce consultation and legal fees.

Amano said, “We don’t have solid data showing divorce is on the rise, but media reports that divorce rates are rising in China and in Russia after lockdowns there led us to come up with this service,”

This service is also useful to all the domestic abuse victims who have been trapped inside their houses with their abuser. It’s such a brilliant idea for all those women who are suffering and urgently need to escape.

This idea to separate couples who are at each other’s necks during this lockdown is a very effective solution. This way there will be peace and the divorce rates will not spike up.

We should also have a service like this one, don’t you think?

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