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This Couple From Indore Got Married Despite The Coronavirus Lockdown. They Took Precautions This Is Stupid

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Coronavirus is not something we can take lightly. No matter how invincible you think you are, one small mistake can only endanger you but every single person you meet thereafter. It’s terrifying to think that there are 1,397 people in our country alone who are suffering and fighting for their lives. But I think we can find solace in the fact that, they are in good hands. Though that, in no way means that we get to be lax about this pandemic.

This war against corona is a war against two entities. It is a war that nature is waging on mankind and up until now, we are losing miserably. If we want to just get by, like squeeze by (winning at this point seems less than bleak), we need to follow every single protocol and rule that our government is establishing. We need to stay in self-isolation even if we have no travel history. We need to stay away from friends and family and practice social distancing and no, this is not an option.

Under circumstances like these, it seems less than ideal to have a wedding. I think at this point of the crisis when India is just dipping its toes into the third phase – that of community transmission- a wedding and especially an Indian wedding is that worst idea on earth. You are not only endangering your life but the lives of hundreds of people, is it worth it? I understand that weddings cost a lot of money and postponing a wedding is not the favourable solution to this but a gathering of people in a close space is like creating a playground for corona.

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However, this family from Indore seemed to pull it off. Believe it or not, Akshay Jain’s daughter’s wedding was scheduled on 31st March. After the lockdown was announced last week, they had two options. Either cut their losses and postpone the event or bring it down ten notches and have it. They, unlike so many other couples, decided on the latter option.

Their big fat Indian wedding was axed down to a handful of people and all the pre-wedding ceremonies were cancelled. Only the closest family members were invited from both sides and even then, they took care of all the coronavirus precautions that are advised by our government and the WHO.

Kinjal Jain and the groom were dressed in the simplest of clothes. All the guests wore masks and utilized hand sanitizer at all times. The couple was afraid to exchange flower garlands, so they exchanged pearl necklaces instead. All of them even maintained a safe distance from one another, even while clicking photographs. I have heard of social distancing parties, but this social distancing wedding is a first (and hopefully the last).

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Like I said it is not an ideal situation, but they pulled it off, which is great, or something like that. Hopefully, they will all quarantine themselves for a while so that they aren’t taking any chances. But for future reference guys, this is not a recommended option. In fact, it is not an option at all, precaution or not.

We need to do our bit in this fight against coronavirus. The government is doing everything they can, but it’s not going to work if we don’t sit our asses at home and just stay there for a bit. This exact same small intimate wedding could’ve waited a few months. I know it is a monetary setback, but I think the odds are higher right now.

We need everyone to give their hundred percent to this fight if we want our normal lives back. So, if anyone is thinking of following suit, please, for your good and the good of your guests and everyone you will meet after the wedding, wait until the situation is under control. Besides, the police, doctors, nurses and all the other people on the frontlines are under a lot of pressure anyway let’s not add to their burden by being stupid.

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