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This Bride And Groom Got Married On A Boat In The Middle Of The Ocean

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I have a thing for destination weddings. I don’t know about you, but for me, destination weddings have a whole different vibe to them. It’s not like the typical weddings that we attend – it’s more fun, crazier, more exciting, and more often than not theme-based. I mean take a look at this couple who went a step further than beach weddings. The bride and groom decided to get married in the middle of the ocean!

Yeah, I know what I wrote. Recently, a couple – the bride and groom – got married in the middle of the ocean with all the style and sass in their corner. In fact, even the wedding guests and their pets played an integral part in their wedding.


In fact, the bride and groom went full out not only by getting married in the middle of the ocean but also by live-streaming their wedding ceremony. The live streaming was for everyone who wasn’t able to attend the wedding. 

The bride and groom that got married in the middle of the ocean had planned it all out. Their dogs were wearing life jackets and were enjoying themselves on a boat. While the bride was sporting white swimwear and a floral tiara to go with it. Both, the bride and groom, in the video that went viral were seen wearing leafy garlands and holding hands on the boat while taking their vows.

Honestly, the bride and groom did it for me when they got married in the middle of the ocean. I mean destination weddings are one thing but this is another thing completely. People who have stumbled upon this wedding video have shown so much love to it while others have called it crazy to do such a thing. But as for me, I have to say, if it works for the couple and if this is what they wanted, then who is anyone to comment on it? Live and let live. 


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