This 77-Year-Old Woman Wants To Study Law And She Has Moved The Supreme Court To Challenge The Age Rule.

This 77-Year-Old Woman Wants To Study Law And She Has Moved The Supreme Court To Challenge The Age Rule.

Just the other day, my grandmother and I were talking about my academic career and future plans. I told her about my wish to pursue a Master’s degree and travel as much as I can before I even begin to think about marriage. While I was saying that, I thought I was wasting my time because she was just going to lecture me about the importance of getting married at a certain age. You know, a typical lunch conversation in every Indian household. But she surprised me by saying she agrees with me and it was important that I do everything on my wishlist before settling down. She went on to tell me about the time she wanted to study further but wasn’t allowed to and how much she regretted it. And then she said something that really got me thinking. She said that now it was too late for her. 

Is it too late for her? I think if she wanted she could pursue her education now. In fact, it would be so amazing if all the women who were not allowed to or couldn’t finish their studies in the earlier times for some reason, do it now. That also means them taking professional courses and completing their higher education. 

This is precisely what Rajkumari Tyagi, a 77-year-old woman from Uttar Pradesh is fighting for. After being denied admission to pursue a three-year LLB course, she approached the Supreme Court to challenge the age limit rule that the Bar Council of India has.

 You see, the BCI rules prescribe an upper age limit of 20 years for the five-year and 30 years for a three-year LLB course. Rajkumari moved a plea to intervene in a case that is already pending on the issue pertaining to this rule. 

It outlines her story. It says that Rajkumari developed an inclination for law after she was left alone to defend her late husband’s estate without a lawyer. She dealt with all the legal complications regarding the will and identification of records all by herself and now she wants to pursue a three-year LLB course but isn’t being able to because of her age. 

The plea says that the BCI rules are violating Articles 14 (equality before the law), 19(1)(g) (Right to practice any profession or to carry on any occupation, trade or business) and 21 (Protection of life and personal liberty) of the Constitution. 

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She wants the Supreme Court to acknowledge that she has a fundamental right to pursue an education in law from a college or institution of her choice. Rajkumari points out that her choice is protected by Article 21 (Right to Life) of the constitution. 

The plea reads, “It has been laid down (by the Supreme Court) that Right to Life under Article 21 of the Constitution, is not limited to mere ‘animalistic existence’ but also includes right to live with dignity which includes facilities for reading and writing and the right to receive instructions in a course/medium of one’s choice.”  

Based on this plea, I think Rajkumari would make a kickass lawyer, don’t you? Age should not be a factor when it comes to education. Everyone should be given equal opportunities, no matter what their gender or age is. If there are options open then more women, like Rajkumari, will opt for them. That would mean our down-in-the-dumps literacy rates would rise and our women would be more empowered. 

We are so glad that someone is fighting this tough fight that would benefit so many women. Rajkumari is such an inspiration. 

More power to her!

Mitali Shah

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