From DIY Projects To Movie Marathons, 7 Things Only Kids Raised By Single Moms Can Relate To

Kudos to the superheroes!
From DIY Projects To Movie Marathons, 7 Things Only Kids Raised By Single Moms Can Relate To

Growing up with a single parent, especially a mom has a lot of things that make you relate to life differently than those around you. From being best friends with your mom to having a mom-son or a mom-daughter movie marathon on weekends, life is full of surprises and memories with a single parent. So for all my single-mom household and also all the single moms out there, here are a few things only kids raised by single moms can relate to!

1. Single Moms: Master Of All Trades

Oh, she’s definitely not just a regular mom, she’s a magician. She can get any and everything done within a split second without any drama. Be it your second-grade DIY projects or fixing those leaky faucets, she can do it all!

2. Solo Parenting Superhero

Your mom has the incredible ability to be both mom and dad rolled in one with the ultimate skills to manage tasks like a superhero. She’s an expert chef, the best videogame partner, and a bedtime storyteller all in one!

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3. Netflix & Quality Time

Remember the Friday nights you so desperately waited for all week just to cosy up with your mom in a blanket and binge-watch all your favourite shows together? With a whole lot of snacks and plenty of inside jokes, it just made the ultimate binge-watching experience of all time!

4. Emotional Rock

She’s a trained comrade, your mom has a PhD in hugs and knows exactly what makes those tears go away in no time! No matter how hard life gets, she’s always ready with open arms and says exactly what you want to hear at the moment.

5. Budgeting Guru

Your mom’s budgeting skills could put anyone to shame. She’s a star of the show when it comes to budgeting but has never said no to you when it comes to getting anything you need, has she? She’s a superstar!

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6. Queen Of Sacrifices

Started noticing the pattern of her sacrificing things from time to time growing up? She’ll always put your needs before hers without a second thought, whether it’s running from one point of the city to another for your PTA meetings or taking a day off on the days you are unwell.

7. Single Moms: Time Management Maestro

Ever wonder how your mom manages to juggle work, household chores, and your extracurricular activities without breaking a sweat? It’s all about her superhuman time management skills!

So here are a few things only kids raised by single moms can relate to! Being a single parent or having grown up around a single parent has its set of memories that shape you in a way that is totally different from the people around you. So here’s to all the single moms out there who have done and have been doing their best to raise their kids against all the odds. We see you, we love you!

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