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The Telugu Movie Industry Is Having Its Own #MeToo Moment

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There are a few words you do not say in the Hindi movie industry. Like ‘nepotism’. Or ‘#MeToo.’ This is because everyone is here due to sheer hard work and talent, and the casting couch doesn’t exist. And so, we tip toe around the matter as usual. But one Telugu actress is bringing the #MeToo movement to India, and treading over lots of toes in the Telugu movie industry. Heck, she’s not treading… she’s bulldozing right over them.

Sri Reddy stripped and sat down in protest against the casting couch in the Telugu film industry. She gathered attention, but she also got a slap on her wrists by organisations in the industry for speaking up against this, and most of them wanted to brush the entire issue under the carpet. However, the initial ban placed on her has been lifted.

Sri Reddy has caused quite a stir nonetheless, and it looks like other women in the Telugu movie industry are in no mood to be silenced. Now, Sandhya Naidu, an actress who has been in the industry for 10 years, has also voiced her concern at the way women are being treated. She said that when she’s in character of a mom or an aunt, people address her as ‘amma’, but later ask her for sexual favours.

We applaud these women for having the guts to speak up in this manner, especially in the sexist Telugu entertainment industry where most women are seen merely as a piece of meat. While it seems rather unlikely, do you think the Hindi movie industry will follow suit?


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