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This Spanish Equality Ministry Campaign Flips The Script On ‘Ideal Beach-Ready’ Bodies. Love The Message Of Self-Love!

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The Spanish government has begun a noble pursuit by launching a campaign focused entirely on helping women worldwide fall in love with their bodies and let self-love flow. This encourages the women who are worried about how their body looks when they wear swimsuits and bikinis to the beaches. This encouraging campaign is beautiful and encourages people to accept that beauty lies in diversity.

“Summer is ours too,” says the slogan of the campaign which is placed on top of an image that shows the fabulous and diverse bodies of five women of different shapes and sizes. “All bodies are beach bodies,” adds their social services Minister Ione Belarra.


The Women’s Institute head Antonia Morillas strongly believes that “physical expectations affected not only women’s self-esteem but denied them their rights.” This campaign illustration of these amazing women relaxing on the beach also includes a beautiful feature from a topless woman after a mastectomy, trying to showcase how beautiful their bodies are.

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What Was The Motive Behind This Campaign?

Furthermore, the Women’s Institute, which came up with this campaign in collaboration with the Spanish government, believe in the fact that this was a true attempt to make women around the world learn to accept the fact that all bodies had validity. This is bound to help them love their bodies. They believe that women have the right to enjoy their summers, too.


Along with this beautiful picture, the advertisement goes on to say “Today we toast a summer for all, without stereotypes and aesthetic violence against our bodies.” Isn’t that just beyond beautiful? You’ve got to love the thought they have put behind this campaign idea.

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Was Everyone Impressed By This Campaign?

This noble campaign by the Spanish government received a lot of love from around the globe but unfortunately, it failed to impress everyone. Some people believe that they seem to have forgotten men and the irrational body standards that are imposed on males as well. The pressure of looking ‘manly, muscled, fit and perfect’. So, the campaign should have covered men and their body types in all their glory too.

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Meanwhile, some believe insist that the campaign is absolutely absurd. The Spanish government’s left-wing leader Cayo Lara said, “the campaign was the height of absurdity and it is trying to create a problem where it doesn’t exist”.

Also, the Spanish Government’s junior equality minister Ángela Rodríguez Pam posted a message on Twitter. She addressed it to the men who believe that women did not need permission to love themselves and visit the beach. she said, “Of course, we go, but we’re assuming we’ll attract hatred for showing a body that isn’t standard. This campaign is built to motivate women to look beyond that and love only themselves.”

I personally believe that this campaign is a huge step in the right direction and it deserves the recognition that it is getting around the globe. More governments need to follow in their footsteps and find creative ways like this to support their people. The only message this post sends. is that of self-love and how can you not love that?

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