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Fatphobia At Its Peak: Things Fat People Have To Hear On A Daily Basis And What To Do About It

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‘Fatphobia’ can be defined as fear and hatred of overweight physiques. It is a broad term and can even lead to people being labelled as lazy, with questionable intelligence, or just straight up disgusting. Fatphobia comprises all such negative stereotypes and promotes discrimination and unfair treatment towards people with higher body weight. It also has a side that might not show up in the research papers. As per some studies, it’s been observed that the weight and health history from the medical records of candidates did not point towards any health risks.


In one survey, it was also concluded that 24% of physicians admitted they wouldn’t prefer being friends with people who were overweight, and some even went on to say that they feel disgusted providing treatment to a patient with a higher body fat percentage. On grounds of simple logic, it is difficult to help the health of someone you already find repulsive. It has been proven by the fact that doctors often tend to pay less attention, over or under-treat and even misdiagnose patients with bigger bodies in some cases. Furthermore, due to this, overweight people avoid medical care knowing that they won’t be treated with the same dignity as others and often worse in some cases, ultimately making both their mental and physical states significantly worse.

The stigma is so awful that the very word ‘fat’ is now considered negative. To make matters worse, the everyday stigma faced by fat people in the form of hurtful jibes and jokes are just the most cruel thing ever.

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Things Fat People Are Just Tired of Hearing:

1. You would be so pretty if you just lost a little weight!

Fat phobia

2. Have you checked your Thyroid?

anti diet

3. Have you tried this new fad diet?

diet culture

4. You really should work out.


5. Are you sure you want to eat that?


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So, How Do You Deal With Fatphobia?

Fatphobia is a social phenomenon and just like other social phenomena, it certainly can’t be cured overnight. But here are a few things that might help reduce the stigma around weight, try out these four easy steps and join the fight regardless of your body type:

1. Spread Awareness

These do not gain as much traction as they should which makes it important to acknowledge the existence of something which is not widely known in the first place.

2. Share Your Experiences

Something simple but effective can be talking to people we come across who might’ve faced such issues, just about their lives and what they do with themselves from day to day. It can be surprising how much they defy all the stereotypes we might have had inside our heads.

fat shaming

3. Appreciate Your Body

Perhaps the most basic of all but still not said enough how important it is. Having spent years hating your body, and facing weight stigma and fatphobia, one needs to combat it at its very core by learning to appreciate your body.

4. Remove Toxic People From Your Life

This can be harder than imagined but even though it might be sad, it is essential. There will be people in your life who don’t intend to treat you with the respect you deserve. In that case, it needs to be a conscious decision to cut them from your life this will indeed be a bit more but will be quintessential and help you grow out of the negativity and hindrances in your wellness.

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