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This Family Sent All Their Wedding Guests Food So That They Could Eat While Watching The Wedding Online. How Creative Is This?

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Let’s all agree that like most things, the coronavirus has also completely ruined the wedding season. Of course, virtual weddings are the new trend but let’s face it, they are nowhere close to the real experience. However, people are now trying all kinds of ways to make virtual weddings feel as authentic as they can. For instance, this Tamil family send wedding guests baskets of food so they could eat while watching the event take place. This is so innovative.  

A wedding without food is not a wedding at all. Which is why this Tamilian family arranged for the ‘Kalyana Sappadu’ or wedding meal to be delivered to the guests at their doorstep. The guests received colourful bags full of South Indian food and banana leaves. 

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Each of those bags had four tiffin carriers and a total of 2 dishes were packed inside them. Oh nice.. The bags also contained instructions regarding what all is in the tiffins and where to place each item on the banana leaf while eating. How awesome is this? The guests can enjoy the meal while watching the bride and groom getting married online. 

This first came to light after a Twitter user shared it on social media. Netizens absolutely loved the idea and thought it was ingenious. Some also called it the best way to enjoy a virtual nuptial in the middle of a pandemic. 

It’s really innovative and amazing. The whole idea kind of redefines virtual weddings since it’s still technically taking care of guests. Whoever thought of delivering the food to their guests’ deserves applause. Hopefully, this trend will continue. It will help numerous caterers, whose businesses were affected during the lockdown, stand back up.

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