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Sonam Kapoor Trolled For Tweeting About Twinkle Sharma’s Murder. We Think Her Response Is Totally Legit!

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Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse in our nation (read: the hate speech, mudslinging wars and nasty repartee on social media thanks to the recently concluded elections), 2 and a half year old Twinkle Sharma from Aligarh was brutally murdered. The heinous crime shook the nation after the reason for the incident emerged. The little girl’s parents apparently couldn’t repay a loan of Rs 10,000, and their daughter had to pay the hefty price. To think that some individuals would abandon every trace of humanity for a mere Rs 10,000 is not just appalling, but telling as to the kind of barbaric society we’re living in! But what’s worse is that some people have found a way to turn this gruesome story into one giant social media circus.

People expressing their outrage over the incident is legit, but most people preferred to assume the judgment seat on Twitter, choosing instead to slam celebrities for their choice of words on the issue. This time, it’s Sonam Kapoor who has fallen prey to the trolls, and while the actress has not let the hatred shut her up, it’s making us seriously question why these pathetic souls even have an internet connection.

Sonam tweeted saying, “What has happened to baby twinkle is. Heartbreaking and horrific. I pray for her and her family. I also urge people to not make this into a selfish agenda. This is a little girls death, not a reason to spread your hate.” And rightfully so. But Hindu bhakts were disappointed. Given that the crime was committed by Muslim men, they believe she should have taken a religious stand and demanded for justice for Hindus. What the trolls don’t get is that this wasn’t about religion, rather about humanity! But as the saying goes, have internet, will troll!

If you’re still scratching your head wondering why the trolls are up in arms, well, they are miffed that Sonam Kapoor, who took a strong stance after the Kathua rape case, demanding #JusticeForAsifa, is now demanding peace, and asking everyone to stop peddling hate. Some even believe she used the Kathua rape case to build her career, ’cause yes, a woman with nicely done up hair and makeup holding a placard on social media must be doing it to get offered more movies, brand endorsements and the like. Such insight, much wow!

While some have demanded a boycott of all of her “third class” movies after her tweet, others have accused her of Hinduphobia.

But the actress is not taking back her tweet or sorry about it in any way. In fact, she had a fitting reply to filmmaker Ashok Pandit, who questioned why she had a vastly different reaction when it came to Asifa. “Because I practice Hinduism and I believe in karma,” she tweeted.

In a tweet to journalist Meena Das Narayan, Sonam also said, “I don’t have an agenda. It seems like you do. Please don’t be so hateful. It doesn’t suit you. I hope you find fulfilment and peace.” And that’s exactly how it should be. So can we all please channelise our energy in the right direction and go back to what we should be doing, that is demand swift justice for Twinkle Sharma instead of using her death to spread more hate?


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