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Sara Ali Khan Dodges The Word Nepotism But Talks About Dealing With The Pressure Of Being A Star Kid And She’s So Positive

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I often wonder what would happen if I followed my mother’s footsteps and took up fashion designing. Yes, of course, there would not have been a struggle period since it’s an established business with already established connections. But I would’ve never been able to give my 100% due to the overwhelming pressure to succeed. This is the same thought that crosses my mind every time I come across a star kid. I mean, they are literally being analyzed by the whole world, it is a whole new level of pressure! But then there are star kids like Sara Ali Khan who don’t let all that bother them. This is the kind of optimism we need in our lives!

Sara Ali Khan comes from a long lineage of actors. Her mother, stepmother, grandmother, and father are all superstars and she with all her positivity, is clearly next in line. At a women’s summit called We The Women, Sara talked about how she doesn’t let her family’s legacy, pressure her. She says, “With any form of privilege, there is a setback to it. You are as burdened as you want to be, and you take as much pressure as you want to. I am acutely aware that I come from a film background and, therefore, the scrutiny and attention I receive is more than it would have been otherwise. But I don’t look at it as a burden, because if I do, then I won’t be able to perform.” She further adds, “Star children do get it easy, but it also comes with scrutiny and there are a lot of people who are waiting for a star kid to make a mistake or fall. I am aware of that. But I don’t take all that seriously.”

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Even though the pressure for her is real, she chooses to not pay heed to that, taking one day at a time. Which is a commendable thing by itself. At the same event, the two-film old actress also talked about receiving excessive media glare. She says, “I have been an actor for a year. But, other than the film industry, I know of no other world. While all the attention seems intrusive at times, the reverse could be worse. If the seven-odd photographers standing outside your gym don’t click your photographs, it worries you more.” Wow, when it came to celebrities and media attention, we only see how annoying it must be for them to have a camera shoved in their faces every time they leave their houses. The point Sara just made is one that rarely occurs to people.

She goes on to talk about how there is a certain pressure to have the perfect body and skin tone. She says that despite all the chatter on skin colour, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is being comfortable in your skin, we totally agree with her.

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She also recalls the days when she was almost 100 kgs. She says, “I was large, around 96kg. There is pressure to look a certain way. It can affect your confidence when people are rude. A realistic way is to not worry about what others say about you. Let people talk. You can change yourself and shield yourself from negativity. The world will not change. She is right, people will talk but you can choose what affects you and what doesn’t!

Sara is currently shooting for Coolie No1 with Varun Dhawan. It will be a remake of the OG Govinda and Karisma Kapoor movie of the same name. Talking about her ambitions she said that she would like to study law and maybe politics. But right now, she is using her time to only work on her movies.

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