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Vladimir Putin Offers Russian Women Money To Birth And Nurture 10 Or More Kids. Women Are Not Baby-Making Machines!

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The one thing learning history has taught us is that nothing good ever comes out of waging wars. The damage to life and property is immeasurable and the impact that wars cause is catastrophic. The consequences last for several lifetimes as well. The ongoing Russia and Ukraine war is no different either. With lives being lost on both sides and people losing their life savings and shelter, the war has caused severe damage. With the loss of lives, the latest reports say that Russian President Vladimir Putin is now offering money to women to give birth to 10 or more children to make up for the loss of population due to the war and the pandemic.

As per a report by India Today, under this initiative to bring about a balance in the Russian population, women are being offered £13,500 which roughly amounts to Rs 12,94,853, which is nearly Rs 13 lakhs, for giving birth to and nurturing 10 or more children. This will be a one-time payment made to the women who choose to go for this.

This initiative has been started because the daily death toll due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been the highest in Russia since March 2022 and the estimate of the soldiers dying in the war also nears 50,000. This scheme has come to be called Mother Heroine and is described as a ‘desperate’ attempt to balance out the lives lost.

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The Mother Heroine initiative is not just it. The women who sign up for this will receive the money only after their 10th child will turn one year old and only and only if the other nine are alive as well. Russian politics and security expert, Dr Jenny Mathers has said that the county has been trying to up its population since the 1990s. Experts also raising questions about where and how will the women sustain the 10 children she gives birth to.

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