Russian Woman Arrested After She Sells Baby To Pay For Nose Job. Weird Priorities!

You know, I will admit that I have met a lot of people in my life who have different priorities than me and it’s totally fine because every person is different. However, there are some people in this world who don’t know how things work and at times, it turns out to be very problematic, this particular case is quite similar. In Russia, a mother got arrested after she sold her newborn baby to pay for her nose job. This woman needs to get her priorities straight, to be honest! 

On April 25, the woman gave birth to a baby boy and after five days, she sold the baby to a couple as she wanted to spend the money on her nose job. The Russian woman had informed one of her friends that she does not want to keep the child. After giving birth to her son at a hospital in the southern city of Kaspiysk, she sold the 5-day-old baby to a couple who wanted to become parents. But when the couple asked the biological mother to give them the baby’s birth certificate for his medical treatment, she asked for more money. However, when the couple went to hand over the money to the woman, the police arrested the three for human trafficking. 

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During the investigation of the case, the couple revealed that the biological mother wanted to leave the infant at the hospital because she did not have a job, money, or a place to live. They also mentioned that the woman wanted to spend the money on her nose job for better breathing. 

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Well, after hearing about this shocking incident, we hope the baby is fine. 

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