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Remember The Woman Who Used Gorilla Glue In Her Hair Last Year? She’s Launched Her Own Line Of Hair-Styling Products

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Until my late teens, I had a bitter-sweet relationship with my hair. It was curly, frizzy and basically unmanageable. It took me a long time to understand how to control and nourish my hair. Now that I have, I can’t stop experimenting with products and hairstyles. It’s true what they say, every hairstyle highlights a new aspect of one’s personality. Here’s the thing though, too much experimentation isn’t always good. Tessica Brown is a perfect example of that. She is the girl who used ‘Gorilla Glue’ to keep her hair in place. It was a ‘sticky situation’ that obviously, went horribly wrong. But this traumatic incident seems to have inspired her to create her own line of hair products. Forgive us if we’re a little sceptical about this.

Last year, Tessica Brown broke the internet with her beauty hack fail. She was lucky that surgeons were able to remove all the superglue that had stuck her hair to her scalp. Jugaad is one thing, this is was a stupid mistake. However, her glue mishap has inspired Tessica to come up with her own line of hair products.

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Reportedly, Tessica has been working with experts and hair care professionals to create the perfect formula. Ironically, her brand is called Forever Hold. Until now she’s dropped a hair spray, sleek edge control, and hair growth drops. As happy as I am that something good came from that horrific incident, I am not sure I can ever use Tessica’s hair spray. She used Gorilla Glue on her own hair which is hardly an endorsement for the brand.

The aim behind Forever Hold is for girls to have smooth hair without having to resolve to extreme measure like Tessica had to. Her hairspray costs $14 (Rs 1,038), the sleek edge control is for $13 (Rs 964) and hair growth drops is for $18 (Rs 1334).

While it’s understandable that a mistake so grave only happens once, trying these products would take a huge deal of courage.

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