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Reddit Users Share Movie And TV Tropes That Are Sexist Towards Women. It’s Quite Eye Opening

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I have always been a reader. You can literally find me in any corner at any time with either a book in my hand or my phone lit up with a book pdf that I’m reading. I’ve never liked watching movies and or TV series. And there are many reasons for it, one of them being the fact that I find most of them pretty sexist. I mean, all the women (no matter how independent they are in the start) want a man to come to rescue them, or want to settle down with a man. I mean, why? Why can’t a woman be independent and single and happy? Why should she need a man to come to rescue her or complete her life? Honestly, I’m kinda tired of these tropes. And I’m not the only one. A Reddit user asked people to share some common movie/tv tropes that are actually sexist towards women. The answers are quite eye-opening for someone who might not have spotted these before!

Recently, a Reddit user by the username u/heeeeyjuuuude asked people to share some of the most common tropes in movies and TV series that are actually pretty sexist towards women. And the replies the user received are so legit and true that it is infuriating!

Most of the award-winning and famous movies/TV shows have tropes that are pretty sexist. But we don’t realize it because we’ve been fed those for years to come. But having the replies that u/heeeeyjuuuude got to his Reddit question, makes you go back to the movies and tv shows that you’ve watched and analyse it. And trust me, this Reddit thread is an eye-opener. 

The most basic one is “You’re not like other girls!” How many times have we heard that one used for the heroine!


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We love a good makeover and are guilty of enjoying movies that revolve around the whole duckling into swan metamorphosis. But let’s call ourselves out here and admit it, the girls were actually good just the way they were before. The makeover simply made them more in line with the beauty standards idealised by the industry, which are also highly sexist.

Yeah, just because a woman is a feminist, or a badass, does not mean she can’t be feminine! That is blatantly sexist!

The manic pixie dream girl is perhaps the second most overused and frustrating of them all. Remember Geet from Jab We Met? Yep, classic example of this trope in action!

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After reading this entire Reddit thread by u/heeeeyjuuuude, one thing I have known is that we have been so indifferent about the representation of women in movies and tv shows. We don’t recognize that these are old ideologies, stereotypes, and sexist behaviour that are, again and again, being ingrained in our minds by society. And honestly, it’s high time, this needs to stop. We need to rethink how we present women on screen and call out sexism when we see it. Let’s try to be more aware of the kind of content we’re consuming so we can change the mindset of society, one movie and tv show at a time.

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