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Rakul Preet Singh Said Her Blood Boils When She Reads About Rape Cases Amid This Pandemic. We Can Relate

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Show of hands. How many of you’ll have noticed the surge in cases of violence against women ever since this pandemic has begun? Like with most things, the pandemic amplified an already existing problem. Reports of gruesome rapes and murders are now surfacing at an alarming rate and there seems to be no end in sight. All the government initiatives, including Beti Bachao, are ineffective. So, on one hand, we are grappling with thousands of people dying every day due to COVID and on the other hand, women are getting preyed on by vicious monsters. This dire situation really begs the question, why has our humanity become dormant?

This is the question that actress Rakul Preet Singh is also asking. In a recent interview, she talks about how her blood boils every time she reads about a rape case. Which is often. These cases that are popping up from all around the country has led us to believe that women aren’t truly safe anywhere. Even COVID doctors, on duty, are being groped and molested. We love that Rakul Preet Singh decided to speak up about this. After all, violence against women is the shadow pandemic.

In the interview, Rakul Preet said, “I have to bring this up, but recently, I read about a rape case in Manesar, and my blood just boils reading such news. I mean there are people dying, there’s this pandemic with which the world is struggling, and then there are people like this. I just don’t know what to make of it. Sometimes you start seeing a question mark as to whether we should be called humans at all.”


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Further on, Rakul Preet Singh said that she hopes that all this struggle will make people nicer and warmer towards each other. She said, “Honestly, our existence doesn’t matter, forget what you’re chasing. It all boils down to the people around you, those small moments of joy and life being so unpredictable. If you start understanding it from that perspective, you will just look at life very differently. You will value smaller things as you live one day at a time. So, I just hope people become warmer and nicer.”

Rakul Preet is one of the celebrities who are trying everything in their power to help people amid these dark times. She recently started a fund-raising campaign to help Covid-19 patients in the country. Rakul said that if it were up to her, she would be out on the street helping the people in need. But she can’t do that because of the safety norms that everyone has to follow.

Her actions are admirable and her words are relatable. We need more celebrities talking about the surge in crimes against women. More power to Rakul Preet Singh!

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