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Rajasthan Bride Wants To Build Girls’ Hostel Instead Of Taking ₹75 Lakh Dowry From Father. We are Proud!

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It’s been over half a century since dowry became illegal in India. Yet, to date, the number of deaths that take place in a year is nearly seven thousand. Yep, a pretty high number. Why? Because we live in a society that is patriarchal in nature and the fact that there are not many women raising their voice doesn’t help. Simple as that. But once in a while, there are some women who find a middle ground. Take the instance of this bride from Rajasthan who asked to build a girls’ hostel instead of taking ₹75 lakh as dowry. Isn’t that progressive?

Anjali Kanwar, a bride in Rajasthan asked her father Kishore Singh Kanod from Barmer City, to use the money set aside for her dowry to construct a girls’ hostel. On November 21st, 2021, Anjali Kanwar married her husband Praveen Singh.

Just before the wedding the bride had approached her father and told him that the money he had kept aside for her dowry should instead be used for the construction of a girls’ hostel. The father agreed to the bride’s wishes and donated ₹75 lakh for the construction. 

As per the reports, the bride, Anjali Kanwar, wanted to contribute to the promotion of girl child education. In fact, a clipping of the news article where the incident was published went viral on social media. Needless to say, she was widely praised by people online. 

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The article also states that Anjali had approached Mahant Pratap Puri, the current head of Taratara math, after the wedding rituals and expressed her wishes in a letter which he read out loud to all the guests present there. After which, her father presented the bride with a blank cheque and asked her to fill in the desired amount of money.


Everyone who was present at the wedding applauded the bride for her act. Even Mahant Pratap praised her saying that the act to put aside money for the betterment of society and promote girls’ education at the time of one’s own kanyadaan was inspiring. 

In fact, the father of the bride had donated a grant of ₹1 crore for the construction of the girls’ hostel but they still needed around ₹50 – ₹75 lakh to complete the project. And now thanks to the bride, they have those additional funds and will be completing the project.

Hearing dowry stories that have a happy ending is extremely rare. But I’m glad that this dowry story did not end in tragedy, rather proved to be an inspiration for many women out there who are about to become brides.

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