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Groom Grabs And Kisses Bride During The Wedding. We Want More Desi Families To Be Like That

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When I get married, I want my husband to kiss me. Not during the pheras; I believe my family and the priest will be a little scandalised. But once it’s done and dusted, I would want to seal the deal with a kiss. I love corny, mushy-mushy gestures of love and marriage — purely because of the amount of commitment it requires — is romantic to me. So here’s hoping future hubby won’t be a shy one! Meanwhile, a video went viral recently, exhibiting a bride and a groom kissing amidst all their relatives at an Indian wedding.

You can see the couple in the center, surrounded by many relatives and guests. Suddenly, the groom grabs the bride and from the angle, it looks like he just kissed her. However, apparently, it’s a ritual that involves the groom taking a pan from the bride’s mouth, without using his hands. Oh boy. That’s even naughtier! Sometimes, I feel amused by the kind of varied culture we have.


While the women around them giggle, the bride looks evidently flushed by the move. Even though I want to add kissing on the itinerary of my wedding, I would appreciate if I am not surrounded by relatives spotlighting us. It is so obvious that she was awkward. I mean, they literally exchanged paan. Did the couple bribe someone to include this in the rituals?

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I think Indian families love doing things that make their children want to dig a hole and bury ourselves in it, or maybe to just temporarily evaporate. But this is taking it to a whole new level. Let’s hope the paan was worth it!

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