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On Reddit, Women Under 30 With High-Paying Corporate Jobs Share Tips For Aspiring Women

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There is no doubt that women have been trying their best to break the glass ceiling, especially in the corporate world. And where most of the women are still trying, there are those that have managed to break the ceiling and secure high-flying jobs for themselves. But the journey to their position definitely hasn’t been an easy one. So, for all those who want to know how these women are doing it, well, you’re in luck since these women are sharing the secret to their success. Yep, when a Reddit user asked women with high-paying corporate jobs to share their tips for aspiring women, the replies were honest, practical, and real.

A Reddit user named u/caps-99887 asked women under 30 with high-paying corporate jobs how they managed to secure such high positions and if they had any tips to share with women who either are starting out or aspiring to get into higher positions. And the replies that poured in were by real women with relatable and practical solutions.

Women with high-paying corporate jobs under 30 , how did you get there ? What tips do you have us aspiring women? from AskWomen


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So that you don’t have to go through all the replies, I have here curated a list of the best replies that will inspire, motivate, and push you to keep going at your job and not give up on your aspirations.

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Well, TLDR: make sure you put in the hard work and show initiative, be mindful and kind at your job and network!

Watching these women under 30 reaching such heights in their corporate careers is truly inspiring. And even though the effort to break the glass ceiling is still going on and will go on for a while, I’m happy to see that the efforts of these women before us have not gone to waste and things are changing. Slowly, but surely changing for the better.

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