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A Reddit User Asked How To Not Give In To Tempting Sales. This Thread Is A Goldmine For Every Impulsive Buyer

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I’ll admit I sometimes impulsively stock up things I don’t even need merely because they were up on sale, only to realise later that it practically broke my bank account. What’s funny is that I never learn. I mean, I’m only human. Another month, another sale, and there I am with my credit card which is literally begging me to spare it and myself hours of regretting my ‘treat yourself’ spree. Most of my splurges are on beauty buys and fashion items, ‘cause let’s face it you can’t have enough of those.

For the crazy shoppers like me, this time is specifically tough. You know, the cusp of festive season when there are huge and tempting sales over online shopping websites and you try to mask your insane shopping habits under the benefit of scoring a great deal? Yeah, it’s happening. October marks the start of massive shopping sales that are pretty hard to resist. However, desi Redittors have some genius tips up their sleeves to keep you from making that big purchase.

A reddit user asked the best ways to beat the urge to give in to the sales and other Redittors obliged. Honestly, this comes just in time when almost all the shopping platforms have announced their upcoming sales and my wishlists and carts are flooding with things I couldn’t possibly afford. So, here it is. From getting your card blocked to giving yourself a pep talk, these are best money-saving tips from the thread to refrain from splurging.

How do you control the urge of not buying things during these online sales every year in October? from india

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Block the card or get it as far away from you as you can.

NGL, if anything can stop you from reaching out for that card is well, not knowing where the card is, or better yet, block the card yourself for the time being. I personally wouldn’t even trust my loved one because I would just blackmail them to hand it over back to me or place the order on COD. My best bet? Give it to a friend who doesn’t live anywhere near you and delete their contact till the sale is up and running. Maybe leave the planet for a bit.

Uninstall the app. Why didn’t we think of that?

Out of sight, out of mind! Unsubscribe to their email alerts and even if you don’t delete, hide the app in a folder and turn the notification off so you are not lured by those ‘these dresses miss you’ messages, because they really be taking advantage of your weakness.

Trick yourself into believing the next sale will be better.

Ooh, delusional optimism, I like! You’d think you’d getting better deal next month and let go of the hefty discounts but they’d will never return and you’ll never spend your precious pennies. Genius!

Give yourself a pep talk

Putting everything you want and cutting back on what you don’t need after having a one to one with yourself seems like a great idea. A pep talk always helps. It stopped you from texting your ex, didn’t it? So my guess is, if it can help you let go of an unnecessary item in your life, it can help you let go of the unnecessary items in your cart too (that’s actually easier).

Let go your wallet, as simple as that

This tip takes the prize, without a doubt.

Okay there were some pretty serious ones too for adults who can manage themselves when it comes to funds. Here are some of them.

“These things happen when you don’t have a financial plan. I lock my funds in FD/ Mutual funds as soon as my salary credits and keep only what’s required for monthly expenses + a buffer. So whatever is left over, i spend on these sites. Admittedly this is only happened in 2020. Before that I also took part in these sales, but Covid-19 made me take a hard look at my finances and my (lack of) savings,” a user shared.

Another user wrote, “Dude you have to get self realization. There are hundreds of car at sale at different varieties and colour. But always chose what you need and can maintain. Buy only if you have and don’t take any from of loan (including no cost EMI). That’s the first step. Think how you are going to use the product IRL with your busy schedule and laziness. You will restrain from most things. Get tight goals and budget.

A user wrote, “Because if you are an adult you realise the difference between necessity and Luxury. Sure an Air Conditioner at a cheap deal is good but is it necessary to you. Can you pay the Electric bill that comes with an AC. Adulting means sacrifice.”

Guess I am not adulting just yet. But I’ll try some of these tips and see if they work. If they don’t, well, then I am just helpless. Ooh, is that a new makeup collection? BRB!

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