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Neena Gupta Says She Has Battled Loneliness All Her Life

May 19, 2021 | by Mitali Shah
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There was a time when actresses weren’t allowed to show their weaknesses to the audience. They had to always put their best foot forward, look pretty and smile. However, times have now drastically changed. Actresses are now candidly talking about things like their mental health and how they battled depression or anxiety. This makes them more relatable than ever. Joining these ranks is a woman whose candidness and humour have floored everyone, including me. In a recent interview, Neena Gupta said that she has battled loneliness most of her life largely because for the longest time she didn’t have a partner. We love her for always keeping it so real.

Neena Gupta is known to not shy away from the tough questions. And hence, in a recent interview when she was asked if she has ever experienced loneliness, she didn’t hesitate to tell the truth. She said that she felt lonely very often. Especially because for the longest time she didn’t have a husband or a boyfriend. Nevertheless, she has always managed to pull herself up and moved on. Neena Gupta’s resilience is truly inspiring.

When Neena Gupta was asked if she ever felt lonely, she said, “Very often. It happened all my life. Because I didn’t have a boyfriend or husband for many years. In fact, my father was my boyfriend; he was the man of the house. It has happened when I was disrespected at work. I’ve often felt lonely, but God has given me the power that I’m always able to move on. I don’t dwell on the past.”

Neena Gupta also spoke about her relationship with her husband, Vivek Mehra. The couple has been together for over two decades now but Neena Gupta said that this lockdown was the first time they actually felt like a married couple. For all those of you who don’t know, she stayed with Vivek at their holiday home in Mukhteshwar for six months during the lockdown.


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In the interview, Neena Gupta said, “My husband actually lives in Delhi and I live in Mumbai, that’s our base. So actually, for the first time, we lived as husband and wife here, in the lockdown. First time I came to know him and he came to know me.”

She also spoke about how this time around, she has started keeping herself busy instead of relying on her husband to keep her happy and entertained. Neena Gupta said, “Initially, I used to crib, ‘Arre, we are together, but I hardly see you. You are always on the phone; I can’t talk to you.’ But now he says, ‘Arre, you are so busy! You are always on a call.’ And I am very happy like that.” Further adding, “I have learned that I have to be busy myself. I read or do whatever. I cannot depend on him for my happiness or time to share. I call up my girlfriends and I talk to them. This first lockdown has changed a lot for me.”

I think all married couples who are in lockdown together can relate to her. Personally, I believe that there is no one more relatable than Neena Gupta. And that is why I am perpetually in awe of her. Be it her mental health or her relationships, we love that she is so candid!

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