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US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Visited Taiwan Despite Threats From China. Here’s Why It’s A Big Deal

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Despite all the threats from China and a stern warning given to US President Joe Biden by China’s President Xi Jinping, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan on Tuesday evening. The US House Speaker’s visit to the self-ruled island nation has ruffled too many feathers. This is the first time in 25 years that a high-ranking US official has visited Taiwan which China claims as a part of its own territory. Just hours after Nancy’s arrival in the country, she spoke at the Taiwanese Parliament after which China not only summoned the American envoy in Beijing but also announced military manoeuvres in retaliation.

Why Is Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit A Big Deal?

There were several speculations and rumours about US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan in August which led to friction between China and the US. Ahead of her visit, China’s President Xi Jinping had a phone call with President Joe Biden during which he warned the US to “not play with fire”. Another warning from China stated that the US will “pay the price” for its “mistakes” while asking the government to not use Taiwan as a way to contain China. While the US continues to maintain its “one-China policy” which recognises Beijing but at the same time, it also allows informal relations and defence ties with Taipei. On the other hand, the US also has an obligation to stand with democracies against autocratic countries and Nancy Pelosi’s visit is a representation of it.

During the press meeting in Taipei, Nancy Pelosi stated that while the US supports the status quo but it also wants Taiwan to have its freedom with security and they do not want anything to happen to the country by force. She also stated that America’s solidarity with Taiwan is extremely important at this point in time. Over the years, the US House Speaker has made it her mission to show support for countries battling democratic movements which includes her trip to Tiananmen Square in 1991. In an opinion piece in The Washington Post, Nancy Pelosi wrote that the US needs to stand by Taiwan and cited the commitment the US made to a democratic Taiwan under the 1979 law. She further said that it is essential for the US and its allies to take a firm stand and made it evident that they will never “give in to autocrats”.

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Why Is China Angry With Nancy’s Visit To Taiwan?

Soon after Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan, China announced military manoeuvres in retaliation. On the other hand, Taiwan has welcomed the US House Speak and responded to China’s military action by stating that the Taiwanese military has the ability to defend national security. China also called upon the US envoy in Beijing to lodge their complaint. This tension between US and China has emerged as China claims Taiwan to be a part of its territory and any visits by foreign government officials are viewed as a recognition of the island nation’s sovereignty. The Chinese government sees America’s contact with Taiwan and Nancy’s visit as an encouragement to make Taiwan’s years-old de facto independence permanent.

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