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Woman Posing As Civic Staff Member Conducting Vaccination Drive Robbed 74-Year-Old Of Rs 3 Lakh

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My mother always taught me that no matter how difficult life gets, there is no shortcut to earning money. You have to start at the bottom, struggle and walk the whole nine yards to get to where you want to be. And while this is brilliant advice, not a lot of people would agree. Especially not during these pandemic times, when everyone is strapped for cash. Everyone wants to earn easy money and they want to do it fast. Hence, a few rely on methods that aren’t legal. The only question is how far are you willing to go? Take this Mumbai woman, for instance. Posing as a civic staff member conducting a vaccination drive, she robbed an elderly woman and fled. It’s terrifying.

The accused woman went to 74-year-old Swati Patil’s Worli home on Wednesday. She held Swati Patil and her nine-year-old grandson at knifepoint and fled with cash and jewellery worth ₹3.10 lakh. The Worli police have launched an investigation but the accused remains unidentified.

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According to reports, the woman arrived at Swati Patil’s house at 12 noon. She and her grandson were all by themselves at home. The accused asked Swati Patil if she had gotten her vaccine and then on the pretext of completing some procedure, she entered the house and all hell broke loose. A police officer said, “The accused asked for a glass of water and the moment Patil turned to fetch it, the accused took out a knife, threatened to kill her and robbed her of cash and jewellery. She then tied and gagged the senior citizen and her grandson before escaping.”

Somehow, Swati Patil managed to get to a window and scream for help. She was noticed by a passerby. The police believe that the accused woman knew that Swati Patil and her grandson were the only ones in the house. This information helped her commit the crime and flee easily.

Hopefully, they catch this woman before she breaks into any more homes and harms someone. This pandemic has left a lot of people vulnerable, monetarily and otherwise, but what this woman did is unacceptable.

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