What Is A UTI? What Are Some Common Mistakes During Periods That Can Cause UTIs?

What Is A UTI? What Are Some Common Mistakes During Periods That Can Cause UTIs?

There are many aspects of menstruation and menstruation hygiene that we are not really aware of. There are many mistakes we make on a daily basis that can lead to major problems but we avoid them or rather do not pay much attention to them. The question of seeking expert opinion is not even considered, since we are so busy in our lives. Or we’re taught to just not talk about this stuff and try and figure it out at home. UTIs are one such issue. Okay, so for the ones who are unaware, UTI means urinary tract infection. The infections are caused when bacteria enters the urinary tract.

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According to gynaecologist Dr. Rita Bakshi, urinary tract infection is one of the most common forms of infection that persists among women, and poor menstrual hygiene can be one of the chief reasons that can cause them. She also explains highlights that the most common form of UTIs that happen to women affects their urethra and bladder.

Let us talk about some mistakes that we make, especially during our periods, which lead to UTIs

1. Holding your urine

How many of us hold our pee, especially while travelling by roads and trains? I mean, how can we not, considering the abysmal state of sanitation on our highways and trains. Unfortunately, that thing you consider your superpower can actually be really bad for you, because it can actually cause UTIs.

2. Neglecting genital hygiene, especially during periods

Genital hygiene has always been emphasised for women since. Especially during your periods, keeping the vagina clean should be prioritised. Some other mistakes that the Dr. Bakshi points out are unclean innerwear and not washing hands enough.

3. Careless use of pads/tampons/menstrual cups

Haan haan we have busy schedules. And during periods, there’s all the likelihood to neglect changing pads or tampons at regular intervals. That’s wrong, ladies! The longer you take to change, the higher the chances of bacteria growing on them, which can lead to UTIs as well. Also, remember to clean and disinfect the menstrual cups.

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4. Using hygiene sprays, scented pads

Many of us use hygiene sprays or scented pads because we do not want bad odour during periods. No matter how attractive these products are for you, it is absolutely not recommended. Dr. Bakshi says that these products disturb the pH level of the vagina, or can also cause allergic reactions because of the various chemicals present in them.

5. Not wiping properly

Also, another common mistake is that you are not wiping your front and back properly after using the toilet. Basically, anyway which ways the aim should be to stop bacteria from reaching the urethra.

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The mistakes can be prevented only if we are vigilant enough. They are some points that you definitely should keep in mind if you do not want to get UTI.

  1. Avoid using feminine products like sprays in the genital areas
  2. Drinking enough water is the solution to so many problems. Dr. Bakshi recommends drinking plenty of liquids so that urination happens frequently and the urinary tract gets rid of the bacteria.
  3. A very important point highlighted by Dr. Bakshi is to be careful of the birth control methods that you take. She specifically mentions that unlubricated or spermicide-treated condoms, as well as diaphragms, can all contribute to the growth of bacteria.

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So we hope that now you will be more aware of your menstrual hygiene practices and not at all compromise with them. UTI is a raging problem among women and should be avoided. There are these above-mentioned minor mistakes that can turn out to be really bad if not taken care of properly.

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