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Kolkata Woman Files Body Shaming Case Against The Rider Of A Bike Taxi

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Let’s talk about body shaming. You must be wondering, what more will I say that has already not been told about body shaming and quite frankly that’s a good point. I’m not here to further emphasize how disgusting it is to body shame someone or how the concept of ‘live and let live’ should be the norm in society. But rather I’m here to tell you how you can deal with body shaming when you’re just about frustrated with it. I know I am. So getting back to the point, one of the ways you can deal with body shaming is by filing a complaint against the person who body shamed you. Feels unrealistic? Well, there is a woman that recently filed a body shaming complaint against the rider of a bike taxi. You go, girl!

A woman in Kolkata filed a body shaming complaint with the airport police against the rider of a bike taxi. In her complaint, she claimed that the rider asked her to hold him tight as she might fall off due to her weight and at the end of the trip even charged her more money than what was shown on the app because he had to strive hard to keep balance since she was overweight.

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According to the Times of India, the woman had booked a bike ride at 9:20 pm on the 2nd of October from Sinthee, North Kolkata. The woman was traveling to a high-rise in Kaikhali. In her body shaming complaint, the woman said, “As the ride ended, the fare came to Rs 63 but the rider insisted I pay him Rs 70. He could have said it was late at night and so he wanted the extra fare. But what he did say was I was ‘too heavy’ and ran his eyes on me. During the trip, he had even asked me to hold him but I had refused. When I said I would not pay him extra, he did not stop and tried to intimidate me by saying he did not like arguments.”

The woman even mentioned in her complaint that she tried to talk to the bike app company about the whole body shaming incident at around 10:50 pm the same night but the customer executive refused to give any details of the rider stating that it was against their privacy policy. In fact, she even claimed to have gotten no response from the company when she took to Twitter and informed them about the incident. Her complaint concluded by saying, “I request you to kindly contact the bike taxi company and get the details so that I can file an FIR for making ‘sexually coloured remarks’.”

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The airport police station lodged the complaint against the rider under Section 509 of IPC. The section deals with the intention of insulting the modesty of a woman. In fact, this is not the first time that a body shaming case has been registered against bike taxis. Another woman from Kolkata had also, last month, uploaded a similar case of overcharging on the Kolkata Police Twitter account. 

It truly is disgusting to know that people feel no remorse commenting on other people’s bodies. A person being overweight or underweight should be of no concern to anybody else except themselves. And until the time we adapt to the live and let live concept such body shaming cases will keep on piling up.

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