Kajol Says She Doesn’t Pay Much Attention To Her Imperfections. We Can All Learn From Her!

Kajol Says She Doesn’t Pay Much Attention To Her Imperfections. We Can All Learn From Her!

Stretch marks, acne scars, small breasts, these are just a few of the imperfections out of many that I wear on my body, oh so proudly. Of course, there used to be a time when everything that I just mentioned would make me feel uncomfortable and conscious in front of people, considering the idea of perfection was so deeply embedded in us, it was hard to see beyond that. But looks like, people have finally come to terms with the fact that perfection is overrated and that beauty isn’t perfect, it is subjective. A concept that is supported by Tribhanga actress Kajol, who recently opened up about her own imperfections.

Talking about how she’s put in a lot of effort and commitment into reaching where she is today, the Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge actress shared, “I don’t know how I celebrate them, but I don’t want to put them up for critical appraisal, either. I don’t put them up, and I don’t sit down and pay too much attention to it. Because honestly, it has taken me a long time to reach here.”

Confident in her own skin, and more than that proud of who she is right now, Kajol’s words were food for thought for all those who feel pressured to be pitch perfect all the time. Also touching base upon motherhood, the mother of two went on to say, “Mothers are put into a small little box, like a parameter that you can never get out of. You can’t put one step out of it.”

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She continued to say, “They are superhuman, they make breakfast, they make dinner, they clean the house, they put send you to school, and they go for work, and they come back and meet your teacher and organise their life and your life and their husband’s lives, and still manage to be calm and cool and patient and loving.”

Talking about how no one can possibly be like that, Kajol went on to candidly say, “Nobody can be like that. Let’s be honest about it. Let’s be honest, nobody can be like this. I definitely can’t, and I definitely didn’t even attempt it.” After all, motherhood is an overwhelming experience in itself and there is no right or wrong way to do, just the way you think you can work around best.

The actress was last spotted in Tribhanga on Netflix, and is looking forward to come back to the sets. “I don’t have anything right now. I’m tired of sitting on holiday but hopefully I will get to work soon.”

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