7 Things To Remember When You Leave Your Job To Be A Full-Time Content Creator Ft. Kajal Kothari

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Irrespective of how people feel about it, being a content creator is not easy. Unlike people’s assumption, it’s not an all-glamorous job but ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, things have changed in the influencer marketing industry. Our time in the lockdown helped many people grow and become successful influencers. But when things start working for you as a content creator, it also becomes something that needs your time and attention. This is also why we saw many people leave their jobs and drop their lives at the drop of a hat in order to become full-time content creators. But doing that requires planning and determination like content creator Kajal Kothari. FYI, she’s someone who left her cushy and comfortable corporate job to become a full-time influencer and is taking Instagram by storm with over 600K followers. So, we sat down with the travel, lifestyle and fashion influencer to understand all that one needs to know before leaving their job to pursue content creation full-time.

All You Need To Know Before You Leave Your Job To Pursue Content Creation

1. Content creator Kajal Kothari revealed that having a plan in place is extremely essential in order to create content. She shares that before anything else one has to choose a platform as well as their niche and be confident about what they want before they leave their job for it. To add to it, Kajal stressed the importance to have a revenue plan in place to increase your income from content creation in a steady manner to stay stress-free and follow your passion.

2. Apart from putting a plan in place, networking is also important so build your rapport with the right people and build a supportive network before you quit your job, says the content creator.

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3. “Content creation isn’t an easy task, it needs a lot of time and effort”, says Kajal Kothari. Highlighting the importance of hard work, the content creator said that one needs to forget about the money in the beginning and simply focus on creating good content.

4. Pointing out that one NEEDS to remain determined and prepared to deal with the ups and downs, the content creator shares that content creation may be fun, creative and a great industry to make good money but one has to be prepared to give it their all before they quit their job.

5. It is essential to know that one has to remain consistent when it comes to posting as a content creator and be patient. Focus on grabbing the attention of your target group while remaining consistent in posting even when the going gets tough, shares Kajal. “Be consistent, not for a month or 2 but regularly, week after week and month after month,” she says.

6. Speaking of further planning the content creator shared that if someone is planning to leave their job to be a content creator, they need to understand that this job does not have a fixed pay which means that some months you may get many campaigns and you’ll make money but during some months you won’t have enough campaigns but irrespective your content game has to be on point.

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7. Kajal Kothari shared that she did not plan her finances when she left her job as she made enough money from her corporate career so she had a backup. However, six months into content creation, she realised that whoever quits their job needs to plan their finances. Revealing that she didn’t make money out of content creation for 8 months and even after that it wasn’t big money and it was inconsistent, Kajal Kothari said that one needs to have backup finances of at least one whole year of their expenses in order to focus on content creation. She also shared that 2 years into it, finances started getting more steady for her but it was only after the lockdown that things changed and brands realised the importance of content creators and the influencer marketing industry grew with paid campaigns and opportunities.

So, bookmark these tips from Kajal Kothari if you plan to pursue your dream of being a content creator.

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