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Jacinda Ardern Wanted To Do “A Little Dance” As New Zealand Is Declared Coronavirus-Free. She’s A Leader That Inspires Us

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The coronavirus pandemic has tested the capabilities of world leaders. With every nation trying to flatten the curve, the common people have witnessed so many failures, it’s hard to keep faith in the people running the country.  It is in times like these that the true face of the leader we elect is exposed for everyone to see. At times, we may find ourselves proved wrong, as voters around the world probably do right now. But there have been those few leaders who have shown astounding resilience and determination in tackling this deadly virus.

Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern is the messiah every nation needs right now. The country’s last coronavirus patient recovered recently, and when she heard the news, she “did a little dance”. And the celebrations are well deserved! It has been thanks to her excellent leadership and relentless efforts that New Zealand has become coronavirus free today. According to John Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Resource Centre, they have had only 1,504 cases of COVID-19 and 22 deaths. These are impressive numbers, considering how many lives the virus has claimed all over the world.

So what did Jacinda Ardern and the people of New Zealand do right? Quick and tough action was the key to their success. The borders of the country were closed to foreign travellers and people who had entered the country were made to home quarantine as early as March 15th, when the cases were only at 100. 10 days later, strict lockdown measures were introduced. Only grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, and gas stations were allowed to remain open. Travel within the country was also limited. This lockdown lasted for over a month before it were eased. Now, with the last patient having recovered, all social and economic restrictions have been lifted. Only border control still remains.

The secret to uniting the people of New Zealand also lay in effective communication. The government passed on information about the restrictions in a systematic manner. Emergency text messages were sent out before the lockdown.

Jacinda also did this whilst taking care of a baby and she’s been an inspiration to women around the world. In general, reports suggest that countries with women at the helm have better dealt and recovered from this pandemic. Women leaders have proven to be more communicative, have been able to drum up support and provide crucial support in these times, things that have a role to play in how these countries have effectively kept the number of cases in check.

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