In Himachal, A COVID Positive Woman Forced To Live In A Taxi With Son After Her Landlord Refused To Let Them In

Considering we’ve been living in these pandemic conditions for a little over a year now, it’s not unreasonable to expect people to have understood the protocols, right? Then why is it that we are still hearing of incidents where people who test positive for the virus, are shunned and locked out of their own houses? Why this nonsensical taboo against COVID positive people? Recently, a COVID positive woman in Himachal Pradesh was forced to live in a taxi with her toddler all because her landlord refused to let her in. How inhumane can someone be?

A COVID positive woman from the Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh was forced to live inside a taxi with her husband and two-year-old son after her landlord refused to let her back into her rented house. Reportedly, that woman and her husband, who is a taxi driver, had gone to Shimla for a health checkup. During the checkup, it was found that the woman was COVID positive. The doctors asked her to quarantine herself at home. When they reached home and apprised the landlord of the situation, he refused to let them back into the house. This forced them to live in a taxi because no one stepped forward to help them. Just think about the child and how the landlord selfishly risked so many lives.

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After two days of staying under these arduous conditions, the husband managed to seek help from DSP Geetanjali Thakur. Upon hearing their tale of woe, the DSP rushed to their aid and spoke to the landlord who then, begrudgingly I assume, allowed them to enter their house. She also arranged for ration for the family so they don’t have to worry about food during this quarantine period.

How can the landlord be so cruel as to not let a family, suffering from a disease that has plagued our entire nation, not enter their own house? He put not only the woman’s husband and child at risk but countless others by forcing them to live in a taxi. We are so glad the DSP swooped in and helped them out. There is no need for anyone to treat COVID positive patients so horribly. We must keep our distance, take precautions and help them in any way possible.

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