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IIFA’s Recent Post Is Dripping With Nepotism And Twitter Is Not Impressed

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I roll my eyes so many times in a day, I am practically perfect at it. You know, because practise makes perfect. And the number one contributor to this exercise has to be Bollywood. Almost every other day, something new drops- like a song, or a movie trailer but these are refreshing. On the other hand, Bollywood’s standards are hurtling downhill with no obstruction in sight. Why? Because an industry which has been a ground for some great actors and even greater acting, is now becoming a tribute to nepotism. Especially after Ananya Panday, Suhana Khan and Shanaya Kapoor being termed as the ‘Next Generation Divas’ by IIFA.

IIFA, which has some standing in the industry and outside of it, recently shared this post which glorifies daughters of three veteran actors, Chunky Pandey, Shah Rukh Khan and Sanjay Kapoor, get this, for just existing. And Twitterati wasn’t letting this slide, because how do you brush aside the fact that 2 out of the three ‘divas’ in the picture haven’t done a single film yet? And Ananya who has literally one release and that simply cannot be enough, right?

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And it doesn’t take a genius to put 2 and 2, and in this case, 3 and 3 together, to call out the nepotism dripping out from this post and its implications. Shah Rukh Khan himself went through a visible phase of struggle to be where he is right now, but his children enjoy the celebrity status they have never worked for. And to announce these star kids as people to look up to, we are forced to ask ‘Look up to for what?’

And seems like Twitterati agrees with us.

And don’t get us wrong, we do feel that Bollywood has a lot of work, space and scope for everyone to try their luck, and we can’t blame anyone for being born in a family that they have, but the least that they can do is prove their worth, or enter Bollywood first?

Had it been Alia Bhatt or Parineeti Chopra or even Sara Ali Khan on the poster, we’d have given it to them, for they might have not have delivered super hits yet but at least they’ve shown some inclination to putting in effort in that direction.  Come on, how could you have not seen it coming from a mile away IIFA?

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