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Health Expert Suggests These Asanas For Pregnant Women To Practice To Stay Healthy

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Expecting mothers are expected to keep themselves active but also need to take sufficient rest. A hardcore workout is not advisable for pregnant women and hence, a lot of experts and doctors advise expecting mothers to practise prenatal yoga. Yoga is not just the best way to keep oneself active but it also makes for a great workout session as well. For pregnant women, yoga helps in relieving stress, helps them sleep better and also increases the strength in their muscles which is much needed during childbirth.

Yoga For Pregnant Women

Yoga during pregnancy can sound intimidating because one thinks that one will need help during the asanas. But that is not the case at all. It is also advisable for pregnant women to practise breathing asanas so that they can relax and calm themselves. An ideal prenatal yoga session starts with breathing exercises, then one can move on to gentle stretching, then one can move towards practising postural yoga asanas and then lastly, and most importantly, do cool down exercise.


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It can get confusing as to what asanas are suitable for a pregnant woman to do and health expert Mickey Mehta advises that ‘any heavy body-weight bearing exercises’ should not be done by them. Instead, yoga asanas like gentle cat-camel pose, gently opening of legs and trying to split your legs, and stretching inner thighs are some of the stretching exercises to practise. He also advises doing the Tadasana by lifting heels, side twisting and bending very gently.


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So, ladies, start practising these above-mentioned yoga asanas!

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