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Father Rapes And Kills Daughter Next To Her Dead Son’s Body For Marrying Outside Caste

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The number of rape cases has been increasing substantially. Every other day, there is news about how a woman or a minor was raped by someone. And when you hear such stories, it sends a shiver down your spine. Who can you trust to not hurt you? This question becomes 10x scarier when it is some relative – an uncle, brother, father, etc. – who has been accused of rape. Take the instance of this woman in Madhya Pradesh who was raped and then killed by her own father because she married outside the caste. How is this even okay?

On November 5, 2021, a 25-year-old woman who was still getting over the death of her infant due to pneumonia, was raped and killed by her own father because he was angry that she married a man outside their caste. 

According to Umesh Tiwari, Bhopal city superintendent of police, the 55-year-old father went along with his daughter to the forest on the outskirts of the city to bury the body of her dead infant. Upon reaching there he raped her, killed her, and then later buried both the bodies. 

As per reports, nine days later, on November 14, a forest guard informed the police. The police reached the forest and found the body of the daughter and her baby. Umesh Tiwari who was on the case said that they first thought it was a murder case but when the autopsy results came out, they realized that she was raped before she was killed. 

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After their investigation, they charged the father with rape and murder. They also charged his son for conspiring a murder. The police stated that the father had told his son about the murder but not about the rape, and two days later, he even told this elder daughter that he had killed his younger daughter. The brother and elder daughter did know about the murder but not the rape.

During interrogation, the father told the police that he was looking for a chance to kill his daughter and when she finally had contacted him, he couldn’t control his anger and took the chance to do so. He even told them that since his daughter married a man outside their caste, the villagers and his family would mock him and wouldn’t even invite him over.

The police from their investigation found out that the daughter lived with her husband in the Shajapur district and on October 20, 2021, she had gone to her elder sister’s house to celebrate Diwali. It was during this visit that her son was diagnosed with pneumonia and he died.

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The daughter had not told her husband about the death of their child. It was her elder sister that called their father and brother who live next to Bhopal. Tiwari who was on the case said, “The father, who had broken all the ties with the woman after her inter-caste marriage, came and asked her to bury baby’s body. The father and brother took the woman to a forest to bury the baby’s body… The man asked his son to guard the motorcycle and accompanied his daughter into the forest.”

As per the police investigation, the father was on their way to bury the dead child’s body started talking to his daughter about her decision to marry outside caste. And when the daughter did not answer him, he lost his cool and raped her before strangling her to death. 

The police also revealed that the husband had no idea that his wife had been murdered and he came to know about it on Monday. The daughter did not have a mobile phone on her and she last spoke to her husband on Diwali. The husband said, “We got married one-and-a-half years ago after eloping. Her father had filed a fake complaint that his daughter was missing, at Bilkisganj police in Sehore then but we informed police that we were married. Her father then threatened to kill his daughter if she ever returned to his house.”

Raping and killing your own daughter? How low have men fallen? We as a society need to stop looking at the world through the specs of caste, class, gender, race, etc. that reduces us to such beastly behaviour!

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